Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome back, Grey's Anatomy!

My girl Cristina (credit)
Grey's Anatomy is back!  The two-hour premiere was a lot to process.  I'm going to keep it short, because I've been blogging SO much about TV lately.

  • BOO Derek.  BOOOOO Derek.  I am so over you, McDreamy.  And who does Patrick Dempsey think he is, declaring he is leaving the show after this season?  You're no George Clooney, mister.  Not a leading man, that "Man of Honor" movie sucked.
  • Meredith, calm the eff down!  Your rash decision cost you that baby... you need to CALM DOWN.
  • Bailey, I missed you!  YAY!
  • Alex, glad you are working to redeem yourself.  I know Meredith messed up, but you turned the hospital upside down.
  • Avery, you're the Gunther!  Kudos!
  • Owen, I'm so happy you were there for Cristina.  I am pro-choice, and actually kind of proud of ABC for airing an abortion story like that on TV.  It's not that I'm saying it's what people should do, but the reality of it (and not always preaching a pro-life stance) is important to represent on TV.
  • Chief... you're a good man.  You're flawed, but you're a wise man and you care so much about Meredith.  Bless you.

Last thing I'll say... sinkhole?  Getting a civilian to do an amputation on his wife?  Come on, producers... stop throwing implausible disasters and situations on Seattle.  Normal freak accidents will be just fine for these surgeons.  There are slow days in every hospital. :)

Welcome back, Grey's!  My Thursdays were lonely without you.

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