Monday, September 12, 2011

Real Housewives: I can't stand those Giudices! #RHONJ

Who doesn't love the Manzo boys?  credit
OH. EM. GEE.  Funniest RHONJ moment ever, the Manzo kids making fun of Teresa in the car on the way to the charity 5K.  Seriously, I was crying through my laughter!  The Manzo boys and their gay roomie totally stole the show this week.  HILARIOUS, they need their own show aside from their "Boys to Manzo" webisodes.  I would also watch a Joey/Melissa show.  Take that, Teresa!

I try not to pick on the little kids, but Melania is the worst behaved of the Giudice kids (ALWAYS), and this week featured her birthday party.  Did you see that insane closet of clothes?  And it was tantrum time, as usual.  Seriously, does Teresa watch these meltdowns on TV later?  And why do she/Joe continue to fill the world with their offspring?  That's a genetic line that needs to end.

In addition, why is Teresa pretending to go 'cheap' on Melania's birthday party but recently renewed her vows wearing a $25,000 dress?  They held it at their restaurant to promote it and pretend Joe has a real job.  (I will admit the little kids making their own pizzas was a good idea for a birthday activity.)  But really, we see Teresa try to wake up her slovenly husband every episode... he doesn't really work.

Gia... she is the Giudice kid who has a shot.  Her little songs were cute, I suppose... not a bad gift for her little sister.  From the heart, right?  Even though they were a bit annoying to listen to.  She is absolutely torn between her parents and Joey.  Her second song was for them, about how much she worries about her family and their fight... Joey is her beloved uncle.  I hope it makes the parents wake up about their petty squabbles.  Melissa is right, Gia shouldn't know so much about the fight, and she shouldn't be so disturbed as to write songs about it!  Breaks your heart.  Teresa missed the message, as usual, thinking the song was something Joey needed to hear.  Sigh.  She's daft.

Oh, and Joe?  Real men don't fight via text message.  You're a drunken buffoon.  And Teresa?  A vow renewal can't save your marriage... just look at Jon & Kate Gosselin.


  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said! Love RHONJ! :)

  2. Totally makes me feel better that you agree Emma! I would hate to be the only one so passionate about RHONJ. :)


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