Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New TV Review: NBC's The Playboy Club

So I decided to check out NBC's new TV show, 'The Playboy Club', which aired last night.

Description: Chicago's Playboy club has beautiful women and no shortage of drama.  Meet girls from all walks of life working at the club.

My Review:  Aesthetically, it's lovely.  I love the look of 'Mad Men' and this show is really trying to piggyback off of that success.  However, I'm just not into it...  it's a soap opera for the evening (mob boss murder by stiletto?  overtly cliche sexism?) and just lacks substance.  I'm not particularly interested in the characters, and it just seemed to have really dull moments and gratuitous dressing-room shots of retro bras and garters.  They tried to draw the men in with the Playboy aspect, but make the women relate to the Bunnies...  but I just don't feel sorry for these beautiful girls and their 'difficult' lives.

Despite the attempts to keep me hooked with a murder cliffhanger, I won't be DVRing this or tuning in anymore.  It's just not intelligent or clever enough to keep me wanting more, though I may occasionally check out screenshots for the vintage clothing I love to see.


  1. I tried watching this show too, and wound up falling asleep! I liked the premise and everything, but was kind of bored. And Eddie Cibrian's character was trying too hard to channel Don Draper.

  2. Lacey, exactly! They are trying too hard to be Mad Men but with a focus on women.


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