Tuesday, September 20, 2011

@TheSingoff is back!

The Judges (credit)
It's Season 3 of The Sing Off!  If you've never watched this awesome singing competition, you're missing out.  It's a group competition, and it's a cappella.  That's right!  No instruments, just voices making sweet music.  It's energetic and brilliant.

There are 16 teams, with 8 competing last night and 8 next week.  2 teams were eliminated last night.

Last night we saw the Yellow Jackets (university group with inspiring sound as loud as their blazers), Afro-Blue (with smooth jazz sounds), the Fannin Family (modern-day Von Trapps), Delilah (an all-girl group), Urban Method (beat box and rapping!), Cat's Pajamas (Branson's Best), Kinfolk 9 (artists and singers), and Vocal Point (BYU's wholesome sweethearts).

My favorite of the night was Delilah.  This all-girl group had edge and style!  A few of the girls have competed on the show before, but never in such force.  They were amazing, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

I have comments on all the groups, but I do agree with the judges eliminating the Fannin Family and Cat's Pajamas.  I thought they would send home Kinfolk 9 because of their weaker blend, but I did feel the Fannin Family was weaker than the rest and the Cat's Pajamas were extremely traditional.

I learned about what 'modulation' is from Ben Folds, which made me laugh.  I realized my favorite parts of the performances (especially Yellow Jackets, Urban Method, and Vocal Point) are when they amp up the pace and volume, crescendoing into a higher energy level... which is that 'modulation' Ben refers to.  Love it!  My friend MC's family knows Ben Folds well (they make his Custom Cases in Franklin, TN!) and he is a true genius and oddball savant.  He is my favorite judge on the show.

I also LOVE the addition of Sara Bareilles as a judge!  She is very talented, and delightfully dorky and funny on the show.  She is almost awkward, but in the most endearing way.  Love it!

Can't wait to see the next eight groups in a week!

Delilah (credit)


  1. Delilah was awesome, and I LOVED Urban Method. I did think Kinfolk 9 should have gone, but yeah, I wasn't too sad on The Cats Pajamas leaving.

  2. Lacey, totally agreed. I don't really miss the groups that left, through the 14-yr-old soloist from the Fannin Family was sweet.

  3. Delilah blew me away, and I usually hate all-girl groups. Too high. Stupid sopranos. Afro-Blue was my second-favorite, so smooth and so easy to listen to. Also, I want to be friends with Ben and Sara. Ben is the smartest guy on broadcast TV, and I love how his negative comments are delivered so sweetly you almost don't notice.


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