Thursday, September 29, 2011

TV Wrapups...

The Sing-Off: I was underwhelmed by the next 8 groups on The Sing-Off on Monday... I think the Fannin Family was better than some of the groups that got to stay based on this episode, and Delilah kicks the butts of everyone else.  Pentatonics were my favorite this go-round.  Also, who is DRESSING these people?  Enough with the pleather leggings, we get it.

The Little Couple:  I love this show on TLC and it is back with new episodes!  So excited to watch them go through the surrogacy process and I hope they have their own baby soon.  I'm also enjoying watching their home come together, the same way I was happy to watch the renovations when the family on Little People, Big World had modifications to their home to better serve their short stature.  Seeing Jen and Bill in their new house is exciting!  Love that things we take for granted like light switches and windows are at the perfect height for them.  They've also taken into account their friends/family, so it's like the house is a happy medium.

New Girl:  Guys, I love Zooey Deschanel, but I am just not feeling this show.  I mean, it's cute to watch her be so dorky and silly for 30 minutes, but if I can't get more attached to it after the 3rd episode I may just delete it from my DVR.  I'm so disappointed, I wanted to love it!

Ringer:  I was less excited about this show once I saw the pilot for Revenge.  I love my SMG, and I'm interested in what happens next, but I don't think the acting/production value are as high as Revenge.  SMG's acting it brilliant, but not everyone else.  I may be deleting this from my DVR too, because I am just not buying into it.

Revenge:  I don't know how they're going to make it last more than a season, but I really LOVE this show!  There's suspense and it's just a beautiful show to watch.  They really didn't skimp on this one.

Dance Moms:  I'm admittedly hooked.  Don't judge me.  I DVR it now...  I like Brooke the best.  :)

The Millionaire Matchmaker:  I love Patti!!!  They find so many crazies though... I really want to see a retrospective of some of the successes, the relationships that lasted.  How come they don't do follow-ups?  I want to see what happens next.


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