Thursday, March 31, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: March 2016

If I had to pick a theme for this month's shopping, I think I'd say preppy!  Or fancy.  It was 100% LOFT and Kate Spade this month, with a trip to some outlets in Orlando.

  1. LOFT Cardigan in black and coral (originally $44.99 each, paid $22.50 each on BOGO) I needed to replace a black one that I'd ruined in the wash, and these were on BOGO at the outlets when I was in Orlando for work.
  2. kate spade Tock Flats in black (originally $178, paid $107):  I have a newfound love for flats that have elastic edges around them for comfort.  I don't normally splurge on shoes (most of mine are from Payless) but these were calling my name on sale at the outlets.  I've already worn them a handful of times!
  3. kate spade Bow Keychain in red (originally $38, paid $23):  Because it was red and the Hoosiers were going to play Kentucky that weekend and I needed a change.  No real reason other than that.
  4. kate spade Lolly Wristlet and Phone Case (originally $88 and $53, paid $40 and $24):  Because it was cute and matchy.  Impulsive, and I already use them.
$252 spent -  $20 sold/earned = $232 total spent in March

$159.50 savings

Quarter Budget: $258 left - $232 in March  = +$26

So, overall, I did well with my $500 quarterly budget!  I consistently either didn't overshop or I sold items I don't wear anymore.  I also got a nice raincoat for my birthday from Dan, which didn't count against my budget either.

Birthday Gift

MICHAEL Michael Kors Belted Zip Front Coat in black (originally $240, on sale for $72, exactsimilar):  Confession, my friend has this coat, or something very similar, in another color, and I was staring into my coat closet the other day realizing that I just don't wear some of the jackets and coats that I'd purchased before, because of the color most likely.  I wear a lot of black, and this felt suitable for chilly and rainy days, dressed up or down.  So I snagged it for a relative song!  I'm listing the ones I don't wear on Poshmark.

What did you buy this month?

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Disney Springs & La Nouba

My coworker ML and I had one free night during our work trip to Orlando, so we headed to Disney Springs (the new rebranding of Downtown Disney) after hours for dinner and a show.  We got there a bit before 6pm or so on St. Patrick's Day, and it wasn't too crowded yet.  Since we had a little while before our dinner reservation, we decided to visit Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar.

The nice thing about this bar is that there aren't a lot of kids all over the place, like most of Disney.  Not that we dislike kids, but it's cool to find little spots that are more aimed at adults.  The bar is decorated like a dive bar set in an old airplane hangar, with the theme around Indiana Jones' sidekick/pilot Jock Lindsey.

While pricey compared to most bars I frequent, it was par for the course for Disney pricing, so we didn't mind.  The menu is organized kind of like a world map of drinks.  ML had a super delicious cocktail called Anything Goes, which had byejoe dragon fire spirit, fresh lime, passionfruit, and pineapple juice.  I had a pineapple hard cider.  Both were refreshing, and our bartender was super.  Service was fast and good, so we couldn't complain!  There's indoor and outdoor seating.

After our drinks, we headed to dinner at Paradiso 37, Taste of the Americas.  I definitely overdid it on tasty food there!  We did the dip trio, which was definitely good for 2-3 people.

Then, for my main course, I had Bacon & Pineapple Burger with truffle fries.  Um, delicious.  I couldn't stop eating it.  You must get the fries at this place.  Again, very typical Disney pricing (more than you'd pay off Disney property) but I really liked how the new Disney Springs revival has brought more shopping and restaurants to a place that doesn't require a park ticket.  They've changed traffic flow so that it's easier to get in and out, and it gets pretty packed in the evenings for sure.

After dinner, we wandered around Disney Springs killing time.  They had a DJ in one area, so we did some good people-watching.  Then, we headed to the edge of Disney Springs for our main event: Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba!  We had purchased the cheapest tickets available (~$60 each), but the view and seats were still great.  The theatre is a semi-circle, and the performers come up into the stands some too, so I really enjoyed it.  It was impressive and family-friendly, right up there with the other Cirque shows I've seen.

Overall, it was a great way to spend time at Disney, outside of the parks!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Eating Orlando

One of the reasons I can't keep my waistline trim is that I overindulge when I'm traveling for work and fun...  and my recent work trip to Orlando turned out to be no different!

My boss picked out a couple of really delicious restaurants during the week, and I didn't hesitate to sign on to go to both!  The first one we tried was a little hike from the Orange County Convention Center where we were, but the meal was well worth the drive.  Boca, located in an adorable little district in Winter Park, was amazing!

Boca was my favorite meal of the entire week, with a true farm to fork concept that brought local farmers' goods to a wonderful meal.  We had a bunch of appetizers, all delicious, but I only snapped a pic of some bone marrow because I didn't want to be too conspicuous being all Instagramm-y at a work dinner.  But BONE MARROW, okay?  Great.  Yum.  I also indulged in local drinks too, and the service and restaurant added to the total experience/ambience.  I definitely feel like Boca had an upscale vibe for sure, not too hipster, which was refreshing as these kinds of concepts can go too far one way.

Bone marrow photo attempts

While the menu likely changes seasonally, I was privileged to be able to choose the Honey Soy Braised Pork Belly as my main dish.  It was one of the most delicious things I've eaten in a long time.  It was served over ginger-infused bamboo rice and had cucumbers and kimchi too.  The meat was fatty and tender.  I really did end up cleaning my plate!

One of my coworkers had some food allergies, so the chef came out to talk to him about what he might enjoy on the menu.  I love seeing attention to details like that, rather than just having a server point out certain things.  The chef was keenly interested in listening to what he enjoyed eating, to help customize if necessary.

Another restaurant we visited, Moonfish, was even more upscale.  It had a traditional steak and seafood house style, despite being located in a strip mall of sorts.  (There was a valet, which seemed odd given the parking lot was right there, but okay?)

Once again, I missed photos of the appetizers, because I didn't want to be ridiculously blogger-y.  But I did snag a pic of the delicious bread, as well as my steak and truffle potato wedges.  They were fried and crispy, very good!

Overall, these were both noteworthy meals... but I highly recommend checking out Boca in Winter Park for a truly unforgettable one!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adele's Nashville

When my friend Lindsey and I decided to get our guys and head to brunch for a delicious double date, we were looking for something that allowed for our different dietary habits...  and sometimes, despite the temptation towards larger portions, a good buffet can be the answer to please a group!  I was looking for someplace that took reservations, so we landed on Adele's Nashville, a restaurant by Jonathan Waxman.  Waxman is a James Beard nominee and competitor from Top Chef Masters, adding another great name to the scene in Nashville!

Adele's got off to a rocky start for me...  to park in the lot adjacent to the restaurant, I had to use the valet.  But the lot was empty, and the valet drove the car like two spaces down and parked it.  I would later have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for said car to be retrieved despite being able to see it from the door; it was downright comical. (Didn't help that Dan hates valet, and I love it...  hurts my case when he witnesses this buffoonery.)

In addition, we had to wait probably 5-7 minutes for the hostess to acknowledge us, because of a busy phone and them dealing with a lady with a cake or something.  We stood there for quite a while before we could be seated.  But everything was smoother after that!

Adele's looks like it's set in an old car garage, and I like it.  I like any kind of repurposed, hipster-ized building these days!  The concrete floors and metal bar stools, glass garage doors, and more... excellent.  And the dining tables and chairs were so stylish, I would put them in my own home!

The buffet had a ton of options... charcuterie, biscuits, eggs, carving station, veggies, fruits, granola, French toast... and then there was a pudding and pastry table too.  Overall, it was really good, probably competitive in my regard with the buffet at Omni's Kitchen Notes.  (In case you're curious, the buffet was $23/pp.)  The biscuits and banana pudding weren't my favorites, but the rest of the selection made up for it.  I highly recommend the eggs and the French toast, which may sound basic, but if you can nail those things as the foundation of a good brunch, the house will be great too!  (And in this case, it is.)

I thought the bar was beautiful.  Dan had a beer, and I had a pineapple juice mimosa.  I'd love to come to see what Adele's offers for cocktails and dinner, too!

Here's a peek at some stuff I put on my plate.  Wasn't that tiny little skillet the cutest?  It had eggs and polenta and some other goodies too.  couldn't resist its siren call.  Our service was great too, very attentive!

Overall, Adele's was a great place to have brunch.  The tables and restaurant give enough space to not feel crowded, the food was delicious, and it's pretty easy access for a Gulch restaurant.  I love that they allow reservations, so if I ever have houseguests I can guarantee them a good brunch somewhere vs. risking 30-90 minutes in line someplace else.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Blue Apron

Disclosure: My friend gifted me a free Blue Apron box, as she is a regular subscriber and earned free meals.
My opinions and photos are my own!

As you read in my Plated review, Dan and I are trying to cook more at home.  We loved our experience with Plated, so when a friend offered me a free box from Blue Apron, I jumped at the chance to try it!

You go online (or into the app) and decide on your meal plan, based on number of dinners per week and whether they should feed two or more people.  Then, up until just under a week prior to your shipment day, you can select your menu or choose to skip a week.  Depending on what meals you choose, some of the other options might not be available.

For two people, meals are $9.99 per meal per person. For four, meals are $8.74 per meal per person.  For my first box, I ordered three meals for two people.  (Note: I only pictured two here, because one of them Dan cooked on his own and I didn't want to nag him for photos for my blog, LOL!)

Each box includes your meal kits and colorful and large recipe cards.   With Blue Apron, the ingredients are not grouped together, so you definitely want to make sure to check the recipe card before you start cooking.  The instructions are great, and there are even extra cards in the box that explain unique ingredients; I had a card talking about plantains!

Here's what I love about Blue Apron (you'll notice a lot of similarities to my Plated post!):

  • Convenience & Time Saved:  I love that the box is full of meal "kits" to save you driving, shopping, and prep time.  It's so nice not to have to do the math for a recipe for two people.
  • Portion Control:  Because these meals contain 2-3 servings, we don't overeat!  I've found that these meals contain 2-3 servings.  The recipe cards also include nutrition information.
  • Variety & Fun:  I like the options on Blue Apron in terms of recipes, and their foods are on-trend with offerings like kimchi rice.  I also love the photos and information on the recipe cards.  Their photos are even larger than the Plated ones.  I even made pickles for one recipe.  That's not something I thought I could swing on a weeknight.

I think the ideal Blue Apron user is someone who wants inspiration to cook variety for her family and wants a meal kit subscription at a lower cost.  She likes large photos to help her cook along with a recipe, and learning about new ingredients in cooking.

Ultimately, despite the higher cost, we felt like the Plated meals were a better fit for us.  I will review Plated vs. Blue Apron soon, so you can see the comparison and what might fit you best!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Blue Apron to someone, because both services are very similar and could be a great addition to your life and routine.

Have you tried a meal kit service?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: Plated

Disclosure: I purchased my own Plated box using a discount code I found online.
My opinions and photos are my own!

One of the things contributing to my unhealthy eating habits is a lack of meal planning.  To be honest, if Dan and I are both tired after work and don't have dinner planned, we order in... and it's just not a good habit!  Not to mention, it's expensive.  Since I do enjoy cooking, but have barriers laziness when it comes to recipe planning and grocery shopping, I decided to finally give a subscription service a try.  In the past, I've tried recipe meal planning services (where you shop on your own, like The Fresh 20) but shopping for 2-person meals is kind of a hassle.  I end up with ingredients wasted.  I've also tried frozen meals (Dinner A'Fare) but found freshness and taste to be lacking.

This time, based on a coupon, I went with Plated, for chef-designed recipes and precisely measured ingredients delivered each week.

You go online (or into the app) and decide on your meal plan, based on number of dinners per week and whether they should feed two or four people.  Then, up until just under a week prior to your shipment day, you can select your menu or choose to skip a week.  I really like the option to skip a week if you're traveling or have plans, and the customer service folks were helpful when I made an error in my selections.  I also LOVE that they have meals focused on feeding two people.

On delivery day, they let you know when your box is coming, so you can bring it inside and get things into the fridge.

Each plate is $12, so a meal for two is $24.  Shipments over $50 are free, and there are some gourmet and dessert options too for extra $.  For example, if you order 2 meals for two people, that's $48 with $6 shipping.  But if you add an $8 dessert, you can get free shipping and really only pay $2 for the dessert.  3 dinners for two are $72/week.  For my first box, I ordered three meals for two people.

Now, I know what people are thinking.  $72 a week for three dinners?  That's not as cheap as going to the grocery store and planning more frugal meals.  AGREED.  But I found it to be good value for the money, as I'll explain in depth later.  Think of it this way: recipe selection, measuring out ingredients, and delivery are all included.  No tips to deal with either.  And it cuts down on both dining out and grocery expenses in the grand scheme of things.

The kit came with 6 tacos, to feed two people.  We found it to be enough for three portions!

Each box includes your meal kits and colorful and large recipe cards.  I absolutely loved how everything was portioned and organized perfectly for Dan and me!  Recycling enthusiasts may not like the packaging (most of these services offer help in recycling instructions) but I loved how each meal was bagged so cleanup was easier after I finished prep.

We found for this one the chicken fed two, but the potatoes had about 3 servings.

Here's what I love about Plated:
  • Convenience & Time Saved:  Not only are these meal kits delivered to you, but they're prepackaged/prepped for two people.  You don't have to go out and do the math to buy a box of brown sugar or a carton of cream when you need a little for a recipe, or things like hoisin sauce.  It's all there!  And each meal only takes about 30 minutes to prepare, because the prep work is done for you.
  • Portion Control:  I've found that these meals contain 2-3 servings.  I usually try to eat 1/3 of the meal, and leave the rest for Dan.  Sometimes he has enough to take leftovers to work for lunch!  The recipe cards also include calorie information.
  • Variety:  If I had the time and energy to cook all of the recipes I pin on Pinterest, I wouldn't need a service like Plated.  I even tried things I don't normally choose to eat, and enjoyed them!  And we never get the same meal twice, unless we want to take the recipe card and grocery shop to do it again.
  • Fun:  The recipe cards are huge, colorful, and have step-by-step instructions.  I feel like I'm getting my own pre-packaged Food Network experience.  I put on my music and prep the meal.  I don't mind spending 45 minutes doing this in the evening.
  • Tasty:  All of these meals were tasty.  Not every aspect of every meal is a slam dunk keeper, we felt like we'd eat all of them again.
This provided us with three servings, and Dan went back for seconds!

Because of this, I really found Plated to be good value for the money.  To me, it replaces meals that we would have outsourced to fast casual restaurants, and we end up buying fewer groceries with these meals in our plans.  Kind of a double-savings in a way, including gas.  So while I don't think it's the solution for a budget-focused family, it works really well for a busy working couple like us.  I really liked seeing how little food and ingredients we waste.  I also think it would be a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys cooking but is low on time and energy!

I think the ideal Plated user is someone who is a busy foodie and needs help meal planning to avoid defaulting to restaurants.  She isn't as budget-conscious, and a good meal is worth the opportunity cost.  She also enjoys making things she has never made before, including learning new techniques or trying new ingredients.

Did I have any dislikes?  Well, the box is kind of big.  So we have to make a trip down the apartment stairs and over to the dumpster with it.  But that's about the only issue I could find!

I plan to continue purchasing a couple of Plated meals on weeks we are home, including trying some of the dessert options.  I also ordered a Blue Apron (another service) box to try, from a friend who had a free one to share.  Review and comparison to come, once I have cooked and tasted!  From there, I'll probably choose one over the other.  So far, it's been really enjoyable and something we both like better than previous meal-planning attempts.

Have you tried a meal kit service?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Lately: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being

Is it Sunday again already?  I was in Orlando all week for a work expo/conference, so it feels like this weekend was long-awaited and super fast all at the same time.  I've decided that random photos that don't belong in other blog posts can land here, so you're blessed with that (sarcasm).

Lately, I'm updating my blog by actually writing!  I have posted queued up so that I can be more regular about checking in.  I've also started using consistent filters on Instagram so things look more cohesive, as I've read that's a thing to do.  Overall, I'm trying to be a better blogger!

To laugh.  When I saw this giant Rice Krispies treat in a grocery store, I couldn't help but take a ridiculous selfie.

A drink.  One a day, like a vitamin.  Hence I look in my Instagram feed and find that I've paired champagne and a biscuit at some point.  And also chugged a drink poolside seated next to my suitcase before leaving Florida.

The spoils of my retail therapy!  My friend ML and I hit the Orlando outlets this week, and I'm in love with my new pair of flats from Kate Spade.  And my phone is wearing a new outfit too from the same store! LOL

A responsible gun owner.  I know this photo may turn some people off, and I may lose followers for it.  As a card-carrying social liberal, people may think it's off-brand; but I believe in background checks!  It took me the same amount of time to purchase a gun as a gel manicure, basically. Scary.

But I've been looking for a hobby that Dan and I can share together, and shooting ranges have shown to be something we both enjoy!  We are both military veterans who have served in Iraq, so we spent a lot of time in our young lives on ranges and learning muscle-memory weapons safety.  Safety is first, so I took a women's basic pistol class beforehand too.  I am now the owner of a target-shooting gun, a used Walther P22.  I think I'd like a 9MM for home security, but for ranges, this one is really fun.  Tiny bullets mean cheap ammo and not a lot of recoil, perfect for handgun beginners.

What are you up to this Sunday?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ and Precision Brow Liner

Last year, I purchased some Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, and I really loved them.  But since you're not supposed to keep mascara for more than three months (and I keep mine more like six months), when my friend told me they'd enhanced their product, I was game to try it!

Disclosure:  I purchased these items on my own, without discount.  I do not sell for Younique!
Therefore, my opinions are my own.

First off, they've changed the packaging pretty significantly from my last kit.  The box is sexy, and I didn't mind that they got rid of what I called the "glasses case" from before; I never carried that with me anyways.  The two tubes came with instructions and a button pouch.  I really love the new tube design, which has a plastic that provides a better grip.  I found that it made application even easier.

Overall, I used the same method that I have for the old 3D Lashes.  I apply the mascara to one eye, then the fibers to that same eye, then follow up with the mascara again.  I do one eye at a time, unlike how people usually apply traditional mascara.  I found the results for length were just as good with 3D lashes+.

I also found that this new version held better; in the past, I would blink off some of the fibers and have to check myself in the mirror before leaving the house.  I wore these to an evening event, and I didn't have "raccoon eyes" throughout.  I really think this is a better overall product, and does the job better than any other mascara I've used for myself.  It costs $29.

In addition to the 3D Fiber Lashes+, I also purchased the Precision Brow Liner.  I chose the darkest color for my brows.  A brow pencil is a must for me; most Asian women I know lack thick eyebrows.  Many of them get brows lightly tattooed on!!!  But for me, a brow pencil does the trick.  I've been using Billion Dollar Brows religiously, because their "universal" color works for me and was super easy to use.  I had no reason to try something different other than it was time to buy a new one!

I found that I actually liked the Moodstruck liner much better!  Both pencils have a brush for brows, but the Moodstruck Precision Eye Liner puts the emphasis on precision.  The pencil is thin, but that makes every stroke basically like drawing actual hairs.  I also liked that the color was closer to my own hair color.  I was very impressed overall, and I think it will be my new go-to pencil from now on!  It costs $19, about the same as my other pencil.

Overall, I think both of these products were worth the purchase, and I will likely continue to buy them in the future once they are empty.  That's the seal of approval from me!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Beauty Roundup v.2

Early in just about every year, I buy a bunch of stuff at Sephora and other places.  LOL, it's just true!  I try to write dates on products when I open them, then toss them out when they're expired.  I snapped some photos of the latest products that I've added to my vanity, with shoutouts to the ones I'll use until empty and buy again.

First off, I bought Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes palette, because I needed new eyeshadow but wasn't sure about investing in one of the NAKED palettes yet.  Honestly?  While I wish the pigmentation was stronger, I feel like for a drugstore brand, this is a solidly good neutrals palette.  I can do day and night looks.

But the real winner from my Amazon shopping spree was a new dry shampoo, by Batiste.  I got the one best for my hair color, Dark & Deep Brown.  For the price (under $10), I think this is a fantastic dry shampoo!  It smells good, and it has color to it, so you cut grease/oil but without white powdery residue.  There's definitely color to it (spray it on your hand to see) but I think that helps the effect.

My first Sephora haul in the beginning of the year yielded a mixed bag.  First off, NARS Lip Pencils are the bomb, and this one replaced one I'd almost completely finished!  Dolce Vita is the matte color I wear most; to me it looks only slightly different from my natural lip, enough for impact.  I love the chubby pencil, it's a winner!  It's my daily lip.

I also got Benefit's Watt's Up.  It's a great shiny highlighter, but I wasn't blown away because it was shiny enough to feel a little young for me... being a thirty-something and all.  I also got a Foreo Luna Mini to replace a dead Clarisonic.  While it does a good job exfoliating, and it stays cleaner and travels better than my Clarisonic, it doesn't give that luxurious brushed feeling that Clarisonic does.  It gets the job done.

The two new rock stars from this batch were Living Proof Prime Style Extender and Urban Decay's Chill Makeup Setting Spray.  I got the idea for the Style Extender from a mention by Fran.  I don't blow out my hair often, but I've found that when I use this product then style my hair, IT STAYS.  Next day hair, hello!  I got the smaller size to try it out, and also in case I wanted it for travel.

As for the Makeup Setting Spray, if you touch your face (I know, bad) like me, or you aren't great at getting your makeup to stay, USE THIS.  I spritz it on my face daily, and now when I get home it doesn't look like I skipped makeup that day.  It stays!

So Round 2 goes like this... I needed some face wash for travel that would remove makeup, and I was having a bad day.  Then I stumbled into Sephora and went for a bunch of items in trial/travel sizes to test!

The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is a great travel-size dry shampoo, which was my aim.  I'm not sold yet on these Kate Somerville Eradikate acne swabs, so far they haven't helped me much with spots.  And I'm enjoying the tingling sensations of the Ole Henriksen collection as a way to work day/night anti-aging into my routine, but the jury's still out on long-term improvements.

The winners in this group are awesome!  First off, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is my new best friend.  I was so impressed by how a little bit of this stuff takes off the whole days' makeup, even after setting spray!  While I don't like the smell of cucumber, this stuff is so gentle and silky that I don't even mind it.  I will buy the bigger bottle to keep at home soon, and take this on trips.

I was also very impressed with Belif's Aqua Bomb moisturizer, a product out of Korea.  Put this on at night, and you still feel moisturized by morning.  I love it!  It's part of my routine, and it lives on my nightstand now.

Overall, there were winners in each "batch" of purchases.  While it's kind of extravagant to purchase so many products at the beginning of each year, to me it's healthy to toss out expired product (look for the little symbol that says 6M, 12M, etc. on your products!) and start fresh.  Many of these items will last me all year! :)  And I feel pampered and renewed, which is the aim.

Coming soon... review from some new Younique stuff I bought via a friend!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Lately: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving

Two Sunday Lately entries in a row?  Is that a new record?  LOL.  Shocking how much more time I have to blog consistently now that I don't have grad school looming over my shoulder!  Here's my reflection on the last week...

I've been working on brochures, press releases, booklets, and other things for DAR.  I really enjoy using Canva and bringing stuff to life that people will print and actually use!  I use Canva for my blog, work, my non-profit stuff, and even homework, when I had it.  It makes me look good.

A sneak peek into my Canva designs

Time!  I'm really, really enjoying free time.  I've been sticking with my Korean lessons, cooking more, and admittedly watching a lot of TV.

I've been switching off the noise!  My parents and Dan got me Bose noise-canceling earbuds as an early birthday gift, since I travel a ton and the world is loud.  It's crazy just how different it is when these things are on.  It takes an adjustment to get used to, but I'm finding it brings me some peace in this noisy world!  I have really good hearing, to the point of being annoyed by a dripping faucet across a house away form me, or a ticking watch in a closed drawer.  These are a godsend.

I've been forgetting to show my gratitude to my wonderful husband.  The other day, without me nagging or even asking, he texted to let me know he washed our shower curtains and cleaned our entire bathroom.  OMG.  He is the best.  Here's a photo from an alumni dinner he attended with me recently.  He cleans up nice, right?

I am just craving and loving BREAD lately.  Hot, soft, fresh breads!  I know that cravings aren't always just food, people crave time or sleep or attention or whatever.  But for some reason, this Sunday Lately prompt always makes me think of food!

In closing, here's a picture of my Freudian slippers.
Let's all hold hands and spring forward, which I hate, but we gotta.

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe. We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the last week of life in our own worlds. 
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