Saturday, September 3, 2011

Packing List

I'm home for a week in Indiana, on a last-minute trip... so what's a girl to pack?

If there's one thing the Army has taught me, it's that you should only pack what you can carry.  My Mom was shocked to see me walk out with just a carry-on suitcase and large purse, since my sister usually packs a large suitcase just for a weekend trip.  (Last time, she apparently traveled with no less than FOUR pairs of boots!)  But my opinion is, if you can't lift your own bag into the overhead compartment, you shouldn't pack it.  You need to be able to maneuver/handle everything on your own.  (*Note: if you are a Mommy and have to handle carseat/baby/baby's stuff, that is different.  I'm talking solo trips!)

I packed my beloved Burton Wheelie Flight Deck for the trip.  As I've said before, it's the Mary Poppins carpet bag of luggage.  (I have the larger suitcase, the Double Deck, but didn't need it just for a week.

What's in my bags?
In my Coach tote:
-wallet     -iPhone/charger     -sunglasses     -eyeglasses
-iPod     -MacBook Pro/charger      -magazines (Forbes, Real Simple, Cooking Light)
-Kindle      -FiberOne bars      -chapstick      -ticket holder

In my carry-on:
-Erin Condren life planner      -3 x dresses
-3 x workout outfits (wore my running shoes)     -pair of wedges      -pair of flats
-skinny jeans      -jean shorts      -1 x tank top      -2 x black tops     -1 x polo
-1 x nude cami      -2 x bras (include nude, strapless)
-underwear (always pack tons!)     -toiletries (in a rolling bag with makeup/shower stuff)
-vitamins      -Chi flat iron      -blow dryer
-2 x purses (black Longchamp tote, small black Coach shoulder bag)      -silver jewelry
-camera/charger      -hairbrush      -pajamas    -dirty clothes bag

When I'm going to be living out of a small bag for a while, I tend to pick one color palette...  one that works with either black or brown accessories, so I don't end up with too many shoes.  This trip, I chose black... so all of my dresses coordinate with my black flats or wedges, my tops are predominantly black/white, and my purses are both black.  I chose silver jewelry, and that rounded out my planning.   I tend to wear my 'biggest' pair of shoes on the plane, i.e. the bulkiest ones that would take space in my bag.  So if I'm taking boots or running shoes, I wear those.  I roll my clothes in my suitcase to prevent wrinkles and conserve space.  ALWAYS save enough space to bring something back with you on your trip!

I packed enough outfits that I can mix/match to last an entire week's stay.  I've got options to dress an outfit up or down too.  So that's what I look for in packing for a week in a carry-on bag.  The Army has changed the way I travel!  And since so many airlines are charging for checked baggage, it's actually a good skill to have.

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