Friday, September 23, 2011

New TV Review: ABC'S Charlie's Angels

ABC joins the bandwagon of networks that are reworking old shows (Melrose Place, 90210, etc.) and bringing them back to primetime.  This time it's the sexy ladies of Charlie's Angels, kicking butt in heels and bodycon outfits.

Description:  Three young, beautiful women work for mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend, who enlists them to solve crimes.

My Review:  I don't even know why I recorded this.  Thursday nights are BIG for TV, and I had to rework my entire DVR schedule so I could get Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, The Office, and Parks & Rec in ADDITION to this stinker.

I wanted it to be good, or at least fun/campy like the movie reboot with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore.  I was hopeful that the cast of relative unknowns would equal undiscovered acting prowess with kick-butt action scenes.  I was disappointed.  Sure, there's the cool Miami setting, hot Bosley, martial arts and action, and neat background stories for the Angels... but the acting just isn't good.  It's almost bad.  Minka Kelly does alright, but the others are unconvincing and it feels like they're reading lines.  I think ABC assumed that women would be drawn by the empowered Angels solving crimes, and men would tune in to see their hot bods... but I just don't buy any of it.  I won't be recording this one; I'd rather just keep watching Ringer for suspense and thrills.

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