Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MAC Cosmetics: 'Painterly' Paint Pot

My sister is a whiz when it comes to makeup.  Actually, hair, makeup, fashion, accessorizing... she's good at it all.

Me, on the other hand... makeup is not my forte.  It took me until age 26 to really start to do alright at eyeliner.  I still don't have skills, and want to take a class in makeup application.

When I asked how she keeps her eye makeup so perfect, AW pulled out the MAC Paint Pot in 'Painterly'.  Good even as a stand-alone eye color, she smudges this on her lids as a primer/base.  It's a really sweet cream that I was instantly attracted to.  I couldn't wait to get my own.

Now, this is the only thing that keeps my eye makeup where it should be... on my eyelids.  It's hard enough to apply makeup to my eyes (being half Korean makes my crease difficult to manage) let alone get it to stay!  This little multi-tasker is really awesome.  I always carry it with me now!

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