Friday, February 27, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: February 2015

February is a short month, but I sure managed to spend a lot compared to January!  I hesitated to count the hiking clothes I got for Peru as part of my budget, but since I count workout clothes I decided to include them here too.  (I do not count undergarments/socks/etc., but I do count the rest!)  So even though you won't see me wearing my workout and hiking gear regularly, it is money spent after all.
  1. kate spade Tres Chic Studs (originally $48, paid $19):  Curse you, kate spade Surprise Sale!  They know me too well.  These earrings suckered the French major in me, and I love yellow gold now.  (I used to be all silver-tone.)
  2. kate spade Moon River Bangle (originally $58, paid $29):  I'd been wanting this bangle for about a year, then I decided to just go for it.  My "arm party" is all gold tones so this goes along with it well!
  3. Fabletics 'Ocean Drive' Outfit (originally $80, paid $70 with credits):  I needed a new black workout tank top, and I loved the cardigan for layering. It actually has a zipper portion for two different looks.  Lastly, that awesome capri print won me over!  I am not sure if I will continue with Fabletics beyond this point; I have soooo many workout clothes now.  I love the quality, and lately I'm drawn more towards pieces that could serve as loungewear too.
  4. Columbia Silver Ridge Pants (originally $55, paid $25 each for two pairs and Mom gifted me a third pair):  I plan to be "hiker chic" during our honeymoon in Peru, because I know we'll be on foot a lot.  I don't have pants other than work pants and jeans, so I had hiking pants on the list.  I got these pants in all three colors: Black, Tusk, and Mom got me Grill.  They needed hemming for my height, but they're perfect for our upcoming adventure.
  5. Columbia Outerspaced Hoodie in Sea Salt (originally $60, paid $20):  This is another top I added as a layering piece for Peru.  It was on super clearance, and it is very soft and not too fitted.  Again, not something I'd wear all the time, but worth purchasing for the trip.
  6. Stitch Fix Pixley Ellie Elephant Print Blouse ($48):  My $20 Stitch Fix styling fee was built into the cost of this shirt.  So Stitch Fix would say I only paid $28, which I don't consider to be too bad.  I really fell in love with both the print and softness of this shirt.  I dislike that it's "hand wash", but that just means I'll probably put it into a mesh bag when I wash it with the rest of my clothes on cold. (Shhhh...)  I'll do a full review soon!
  7. Merrell Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoes in Dusty Olive (retail $110, gift from Dan):  I told Dan that I wanted hiking shoes for Peru for my birthday, but since the trip is just a few days after we decided to get them early so I can break them in!
(not pictured)
Target Tee (on clearance for $3)
Target Sunglasses ($17) to replace a broken pair
$256 spent - $30 sold = $226 total
$303 savings

I may have spent a good bit (but look at my savings!), but March doesn't look to be any better as I'm always a little crazy in my birthday month... but with travel starting to rev up in April and June, I may be a bit too distracted.  I'll also have at least two more attempts with Stitch Fix, so let's just assume 2015 is not the year I am the thrifty shopper.
Total 2015 Net Spending: $70 + $226 = $296 total

P.S.  Check out the rest of this month's Budgeting Bloggers over at Franish!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Edley's Bar-B-Que in 12South

When my visiting cousin wanted some good BBQ, I knew we'd have to give Edley's Bar-B-Que a try.  My coworkers had recommended it multiple times,  yet I'd still never been.  (Even if a restaurant has been around for a while, I like to review it when I go for the first time, in case my experience can add to the venue's track record.)

The ambiance at Edley's is very BBQ... paper towels on the tables, extra sauce, reclaimed wood everywhere, and the wonderful BBQ smell.  They also have a great bar area.

You order at the counter, then they bring the food out to you.  You can see the delicious desserts (like gooey butter cake and chess pie, oh my!) up there too, tempting you.  My cousin got the banana pudding as a side, and I was jealous.  But I had my hands full with my pork sandwich, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese.  The cornbread was good, and it had a little jalapeno kick to it.  I prefer plain cornbread, but still good.

The macaroni impressed me!  I love macaroni, but usually the sides at BBQ places are kind of bland and generic.  This macaroni was thoughtfully seasoned (I know that sounds so pretentious, but it's the only way I could describe it) and worth choosing.  I am lactose intolerant, so I have to take medication to eat mac 'n' cheese, and I'd deem this worth it!  The sandwich was top notch too.  I really thought the ratio of sauce to meat was perfect, and the bread was good too.

Dan got a half rack of ribs, as well as the brisket chili.  I got to taste both, and it was delicious!  There's great brisket meat and spices in that chili.  I'd recommend this option too, if you're into ribs.  My cousin got the ribs, mac, and banana pudding.  The sandwiches comes with two sides, but the ribs come with two sides and cornbread.  Bonus!

When you're done with the meal, you toss the trash away and put your tray on the pile.  Edley's is definitely my new "old" favorite for BBQ in the Nashville area!

Edley's Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: ClassPass for Fitness Classes

Disclosure:  I received a month of unlimited access to ClassPass (and a tank top!) at no charge,  in exchange for my honest review.  You can skip the Nashville waitlist using my referral link and join ClassPass right away!  I do not get a kickback for referrals, this is just a benefit for my readers.

ClassPass is a brilliant concept.  I have a tendency to get tired of a workout "routine" and look for Groupons or newbie deals at different fitness studios.  I never stick with them for long.  That's why ClassPass is so great; you get unlimited fitness classes (up to 3 per participating studio) for a single monthly fee.  You make reservations for classes via web or mobile app; you receive a reminder e-mail about classes, as well as tips on what to bring and how early to show up.  If it's your first time at a studio, you'll want to go early to fill out waivers and whatnot.

The App
There is a $20 charge if you miss a class or show up late, which is how the studios participating likely mitigate risk from allowing you to join their classes.  I think this is reasonable (you can cancel 12+ hours in advance) and many studios already have this as a policy.  I also think it holds people like me accountable!

My favorite part about ClassPass, other than trying classes, is definitely the app!  You can browse and reserve classes either via web browser or the app.  Both methods are super simple and easy. You can browse classes on a map or by name.  The app allows you to add reserved classes to your iCal calendar.  I love being organized, and this helps a lot.

I've been attending a few different classes at various studios in my area already:  Jazzercise, Niki G's Fitness Bootcamp, and 100% Fit are some of my favorites.  (The links take you to Yelp, where I've reviewed them!)  All of them have helped me break a sweat for sure.  I know that to see optimal results, it's good to stick to a certain type of class multiple times per week, over time.  But for me, without variety and mixing it up, I'm more likely to quit.  ClassPass has allowed me to experiment with new techniques, as well as get to know studios in my area I had no idea existed.

I think ClassPass is ideal for:
  • People like me who really enjoy variety in workouts, or trying something new.
  • Someone new to a ClassPass city looking to try out different studios and meet new people.
  • Business travelers who can use the membership in multiple cities.

Have you tried ClassPass before?

Disclosure:  I received a month of unlimited access to ClassPass at no charge,  in exchange for my honest review.  You can skip the Nashville waitlist using my referral link and join ClassPass right away!  I do not get a kickback for referrals, this is just a benefit for my readers.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Farm House

I used to tell people that if they wanted good food in Nashville, they should avoid downtown near Broadway.  Lately, I've been discovering there's more and more to offer in the area, especially as the SoBro neighborhood continues to grow: The Farm House is one of the good ones.
In fact, before my cousin came to visit from L.A., he specifically requested to eat here.  Since it was Valentine's Day weekend, we figured a brunch/lunch reservation would be best, so we went on a Sunday at noon.  I highly recommend a reservation!  There is also free valet, which I love.

The overall restaurant feels small and long, and definitely gives you the "barn" feeling I'm sure they're going for with the reclaimed wood and things.  There's also a bar where people eat, not sure if that's first-come first-served or what.  They also serve brunch options on weekends.  The glasses were upcycled wine bottles, and they have a very extensive bourbon/whiskey menu!

Overall, I wish there were more lunch options vs. brunch options on the weekend, but we're a brunch culture in Nashville.  The menu is not extensive, because it's all made to order and fresh... it's all about what's seasonal, available, etc.

In the spirit of brunch, I ordered a side of biscuits and preserves for the table.  The biscuits, jam, and butter were all excellent.  It was all tasty, though I might argue that for the South, $4 for two biscuits is kind of steep.  Maybe I'm just used to complimentary biscuits everywhere?  I expected there might be 3-4 for that price.

For my meal, I really wanted something with meat, because I'd heard they are really deliberate about where they source their ingredients.  I chose the Cuban sandwich, which had the house pork, black forest ham, and Swiss.  It came with their house fries and house ketchup.  I LOVED the Cuban.  The bread was so fresh and good, it really made the sandwich amazing.  Seriously, when a restaurant nails the bread it is such a win.  The meat and cheese were also great.  The fries were pretty good, though I did not like the house ketchup.  It tasted a bit fruity or jam-like, not like ketchup really.  The fries tasted good without it, and I appreciate that they make their own sauces!

Overall, I'd definitely come back to The Farm House.  I know that every time, the menu would be different, but the food solidly good.  I would love to try a cocktail next time too!

The Farm House on Urbanspoon

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites, v. 11

It's been a little while since  Friday Favorites post, and that's because I had other things in the queue that I wanted to share!  But now I'm back, because the Internet is awesome.

Women make up almost 16% of the military these days, but until I discovered Lady Brigade I wasn't seeing cute apparel for women veterans to wear their pride!  There's so much out there for male veterans and military wives, it's nice to see this come to life.  There are a couple of shirts I want!

This GIF of Mindy Kaling is one of the reasons she is my spirit animal.  It's TRUE.

"I Do" rings by Japanese artist and designer Sakurako Shimizu. The custom bands are etched with a waveform of a couple's voices uttering any words they choose.

Severus Snape is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series, but if you only saw the movies you might not understand fully why...  watch this (long) video of all of his most poignant scenes cut together in chrono order, and you might understand my love for him!

This collection of photos that prove that babies needs pets, and pets need babies.

Watch American kids try breakfast from around the world.  It's hilarious!

+  "Death to the Chicken Finger" is a great article to read about food.   I'm a picky eater that doesn't like veggies and grew up super-picky.  I'm hoping to coach my kids not to be the same way, by avoiding the default fare on "kids" menus.

+  Flashback:  My first visit to Franklin (and Nashville, as an adult) was four years ago!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Capitol Grille (and some Kinky Boots)

Capitol Grille has been on my wishlist for a while, but the night I had my first meal there it was almost unintentional!  Lindsey and I were going to see Kinky Boots at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and we needed to grab dinner first.  I suggested we try the Oak Bar at the Hermitage Hotel less than a block from the theater, since they share a kitchen with the upscale restaurant.  Well, it turns out EVERYONE had the same idea, so the bar was jam-packed while the restaurant was wide open.  In addition, the show was starting 30 minutes earlier than usual, so we had just over an hour to eat.  What are two hungry girls to do?  Sit down to a fancy meal at the Capitol Grille, of course.
Hermitage Hotel in the background of our selfie, Capitol Grille Menu
Our server knew we had a timeline, but that doesn't mean he skimped on service!  Everything was so professional and formal.  We started the meal off with wine; there was a great selection, and my cabernet was delicious.
First off, I must compliment their bread basket.  I was famished, and they brought out a basket with three types of delicious, warm bread.  It was yummy!  The little rolls were my favorite, because they reminded me of the bread used for Chick-fil-a Chick-n-Minis.  (I'm so fancy... can't you taste this gold?)
I know my last restaurant review featured a burger, but I swear I don't just eat burgers all the time!!!  In this case, I felt a little guilty splurging on steak after splurging at Kayne Prime just a week earlier, so I decided I would sample the beef by choosing the more affordably-priced burger and fries.  I added a fried egg, because that's what I always do when given the option with my burger.  (I'm thinking of starting to order my burgers "à cheval" in the French style,  so it sounds fancier.)
The burger was delicious.  The meat quality was noticeably excellent, and it was prepared perfectly.  Very, very tasty!  I'd put it on par with the classic burgers at some of the better burger places in Nashville.   I'd like to come back for a fancy date night someday.
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P.S.  Kinky Boots was a great time!  We definitely laughed a lot.

P.P.S. Congrats to Anne for winning my Tea Box Express giveaway!!!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

FLIP Burger Boutique

We'd been long overdue for a blogger buddy date, so when Kimmie suggested it, Jenna, Lauren, Brittany, and I were up for trying this hip new burger "boutique" that recently opened.  There's even valet; that's fancy, right?  We were told it would be about 25 minutes wait for our table at FLIP Burger Boutique, but in reality it took nearly an hour's wait on a Wednesday night.  That's what we get for going to the popular, new place!  It may have taken longer because we needed an accessible table, but I wish they had an established waiting area vs. a ton of people standing huddled around the hostess stand in front of a drafty door.  I kept almost bumping into this group's table/chairs as more people entered.  I snapped a quick pic of the interior as we waited.

The place was packed!

One of the reason FLIP is so popular is its creative director, chef Richard Blais, winner of Bravo's season 8 ‘Top Chef All-Stars.’  I don't watch the show, but I knew that the restaurant's ties to reality TV were no doubt responsible for the packed crowd on a weeknight.  The place had modern decor with a throwback retro feel like a diner; it kind of reminded me of the decor in a themed Disney restaurant or something.

Because we're super cool chicks, we decided to order milkshakes to start and dig our spoons in.  There was likely double-dipping, but we're blogger buddies so WHY NOT?  We got a Krispy Kreme shake and a Turtle shake, both delicious.  There were doughnut bits in the Krispy Kreme shake, but it wish it had tasted more doughnut-y.  Maybe some cake mix would have helped a little?  Sprinkles?  Still, like I said, both delicious.  Well worth the Lactaids that Lauren and I popped beforehand.

Jenna ordered some Braised Brisket Empanadas for the table to split, and they were delicious.  They had this cilantro lime mayo that was a really great complement. I didn't get a photo of these, because we ate them so quickly!

As a big-time burger fan, I was anxious to try the main event.  I deviated a bit and did not go for a "classic" choice, instead going for their Chorizo burger: chorizo-spiced pork, hashbrowns, fried egg, manchego, Spanish paprika, almond romesco.  (I skipped the smoked mayo, as I'm not a mayo fan.)  Overall, the portion size was generous; I could not finish the whole burger after indulging in the earlier bites!  The burger had great flavor too, though I think the "hashbrowns" were actually fries added to the burger.  I added fries to my order (they don't come with the burger) and wish those were a bit more crispy.  They did not exactly win me over on the fries, though again the portions were generous and there were enough to share.

I really appreciate that FLIP really thinks about its ingredient sourcing.  That means local pork, organic beef, sustainably sourced fish, and sauces made fresh daily.

Would I come back to FLIP?  I might, if a friend wants to go.  It's not bad, though I hope the wait times start to die down.  Burger Republic is still my favorite burger in Nashville, and I also prefer Burger Up and The Pharmacy over FLIP.  But like I said, I would come back if someone else really wanted to, to mix it up and try some of the more creative burgers.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Guest Room 2.0

I've been in the same 2BR, 2BA apartment for almost three years now, and we really like it.  We're in a great spot in the complex (courtyard overlook, close to gym/pool/mail) and near downtown Franklin.  We dabbled with the idea of househunting, and then decided that we'd rather settle in where we are for a while longer.  That included making the guest room a more functional space.\


The problem with the guest room beforehand?  Firstly, we were storing the bicycles there.  We recently got a garage in our complex, so all of Dan's car and woodworking equipment, as well as the bikes, went downstairs to the garage to create more space.  Woohoo!  Secondly, the guest bed was not accessible from both sides, which sucks when couples stay there.  Lastly, I have been doing more homework and actual work from home, so I was already in the process of creating a more functional "office" space.  I had already added a wireless Canon printer (so nice!) and a Dell monitor so I can plug in both my work PC and personal Macbook for viewing.

Pay no attention to Bear ruining the photo.  He likes the new bed positionnig.

For starters, we moved the guest bed and added a headboard.  (Um, actually Dan did all of the work, I just did the shopping.)  Doesn't that headboard make a huge difference?  We bought the headboard on Overstock for under $200, with free shipping.  We felt like rather than buying an expensive guest bed, adding a headboard to our cheap (like, $50) bed frame made it feel less transient-looking.


I also rearranged the bookshelf, cube shelf, and TV.  Isn't it crazy how moving things around made a big difference?  You can see my new Aerogarden, since I don't have a garden or sunny-enough porch to grow herbs.  My parents got me a luggage rack for Christmas, by request, so now I have a great space for them to place their suitcases!  I also added an IKEA napkin holder to serve as my laptop "dock" so it can be stored vertically, as well as a lamp+organizer to hold pens and things without taking desk space.  The desk lamp makes a big difference  in that corner when I'd rather use mostly natural light and not the overhead.  (And yes, those are still the shower curtain DIY drapes that I made in 2013!)

I'm already noticing that the TV is in a better position and that we use the room a lot more often.  I am more productive in here for sure!  I don't do as much laptop homework or surfing from the sofa anymore (yay for iPad/iPhone) and I don't set up all my crap on the dining room table either.  Everything is better-organized, which makes me really happy.  We also got all of Dan's books onto a bookshelf instead of having them scattered around the apartment.  I really feel like we now use all of the rooms in our apartment in a functional way.

Now, the only thing I want for the guest room is a new office chair, one that is less bulky (but butt-friendly) and does not have armrests.  I've been looking at this one from Overstock.  I could also probably add some kind of "art" above the guest headboard, but it's not a priority right now.  I put the little bitty piece of art from Arizona above the Aerogarden, because that thing will rise up as the herbs grow, so it will help fill the space.

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P.S.  We just got an At Home store in Franklin, and I'm obsessed.  I went the day after it opened, and I spent $150 that weekend:  three gold trays, two floral accents, a tall coat rack, a candle, and a mail organizer.  ALL OF IT!  It's like HomeGoods on steroids.  Some of it is cheesy, but it was a great way to spend a little and get a lot of stuff and benefits.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review & Giveaway: Tea Box Express

Disclosure:  I received the January 2015 Tea Box Express kit at no charge,  in exchange for my honest review.  Tea Box Express is sponsoring a giveaway via my blog post, as well as offering a promotional discount code for my readers!

I didn't always love drinking tea.  In fact, I did not become accustomed to drinking tea until 2010, the year of my deployment to Baghdad.  In Baghdad, drinking tea was a courtesy, something you definitely took part in drinking.  I got used to the hot chai offered there, and later back home the world of tea was open to me.  So when Tea Box Express reached out, offering to let me review their monthly subscription box, I was definitely excited!

Tea Box Express is relatively new; they kicked off in October 2014.  It is the creation of Andrea Reese, a New York City based entrepreneur and lover of tea whose brainchild resulted in an exciting monthly box of quality tea and fun “tea things” that any fan of tea will be thrilled to open.

I think I was expected a relatively plain box of tea samples.  What I got was a tea experience which is what I think sets these boxes apart.  I was given a box of Teapigs tea, scone mix, jam, clotted cream, and adorable little spoon and pitcher which is perfect for adding milk to tea int he British "cuppa" style.  I had some time on a Sunday afternoon to unwind, so I dove headfirst into the real tea experience.

First off, I love Sticky Fingers scone mix.  You seriously just add water.  I mixed mine up with a fork, then plopped it onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and baked.  I don't like neat/pretty scones.  I like scones that are imperfect, because they have those little jagged bits that stick up and get a little crunchier than the rest.  These mixes are perfect for inexperienced (or short-on-time) bakers!  Kids would have fun with this too.

Tea Box Express really nailed it by including the jam and clotted cream.  I'd never tried clotted cream before, and it was so different!  Kind of buttery and creamy at the same time.  I really enjoyed combining the two on the scones, especially hot out of the oven.

For the tea, I decided to add milk like the included card recommended, and I really liked it!  It was another first for me, adding milk to tea.  I really felt like I was getting this special experience by following the box's guidance.  I could totally serve an English-style tea, complete with scones, when I have visitors to our apartment.  I served the tea in my Iraqi tea set, just because it's shiny.

Overall, I was really impressed by the collection in this box.  It's obvious a lot of care went into curating each individual item to combine.  (I know people hate overusing the word curating, but that's what this box was!  They did it!)  I think this would be the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, a way that they can have a little tea experience above and beyond the "cuppa."

  • Price: $25.50 for month-to-month, $74 for 3 months, and $139 for 6 months. Shipping is $5.99/month.
  • Availability: Currently available only in the US
  • Each box includes: 1 high quality tea and 3 or 4 accessories per month
  • Premier box launched: October 2014
  • Deadline for current month’s box: The 5th of each month (example: February’s box deadline is October 5th)
  • Each box ships: on the 15th of each month
Looking to try it yourself?  Use the promo code AUBREYLAND20 for 20% off your first month when monthly recurring subscription is purchased.  Or better yet, enter to win the March box for FREE, courtesy of Tea Box Express!  Use the Rafflecopter to get your chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  I received the January 2015 Tea Box Express kit at no charge,  in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own!  Tea Box Express is sponsoring a giveaway via my blog post, as well as offering a promotional discount code for my readers.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Kayne Prime

Dan and I are not into football, so during the Super Bowl we like to take advantage of the fact that the masses are at home in front of TVs and go out on the town!  Typically, we do an early Valentine's Day date; it's nice to go out to restaurants when reservations are plenty and the crowds are sparse.  This year, we splurged on a local steakhouse favorite: Kayne Prime.  Kayne Prime is one of the MStreet group restaurants, which have yet to disappoint me.  I'd been looking forward to this reservation quite a bit!  (Note: You'll have to pardon my photos, taken with my iPhone in the dim steakhouse mood lighting... they don't do it justice!)

First off, the interior is a dark, modern steakhouse feel.  Lots of wood accents on the walls, dim lighting, servers in butcher's aprons.  We were seated in a massive booth.  Our server, Nate, was top notch.  He knew it was our first visit there, and he made great recommendations and walked us through each course.  Dan started with a Maple Wheat Old Fashioned, and he had not complaints; he's a trained bartender, so I always trust his opinion.  I was intrigued by a sparkling Malbec on the menu, and it did not disappoint.  It's exactly what I imagined a dry red wine-turned-champagne would taste like, perfect for a steak pairing!

As an appetizer, we got the highly-recommended housemade bacon, served with black peppercorn and maple cotton candy on a little skillet.  Basically, it is two cuts of seared pork belly, which you slice and eat with the cotton candy.  The sweet and salty combo is incredible.  It's like what I imagine meat candy would be, in the best way.  Nate cut the cotton candy and bacon for us to show his preferred way of eating it.  When the meat was gone, Dan ate the rest of the cotton candy in one bite.  Delicious.  Ron Swanson-approved.

For dinner, we decided to order two different 6 oz. filets: one Prime cut with bone marrow butter, one Wagyu.  We both agreed that while both steaks were delicious, the Wagyu was more marbled and tender as Nate had described.  Definitely worth the upgrade!  For one side, we chose the cream corn brûlée, which has roasted jalapeno in it.  Nate tapped the top of the corn with a spoon for us and mixed it a bit, to show us how to bring the flavor.  He also recommended we eat it with the popover bread, which each person is served with the meal.  The popovers taste like fried bread dough; crusty outside and soft inside!  We also ordered the risotto tater tots as a side, and I loved those.  I had zero complaints.  The side dishes are shared, and I believe each side could work for a group of four people to split; we took some leftovers home because we wanted dessert.

Yes, dessert.  You know how I've been on a bread pudding kick?  Now it's a banana bread kick.  The server who brought our dessert menu recommended the toasted banana bread, which came topped with vanilla ice cream in a warm skillet.  Again, this portion could work for four people.  Except two people ate it all... LOL  Seriously good.  I may have to try to make banana bread in my skillet at home.  It was moist inside like bread pudding and very, very yummy.

Our meal was not inexpensive...  Three drinks (Dan had a glass of wine), appetizer, two steaks plus a topper, two sides, and a dessert, plus a tip for Nate, ran us just under $200.  $100/pp is probably a good rule of thumb.  Still, for a romantic night on the town, with great service and a TON of food (we had some sides to take home for leftovers) we weren't phased.  If you're a carnivore looking for a special occasion dinner in Nashville, this is where you need to be.  It's worth the expense for the experience.  I'll definitely be back, to try the other things on the menu I didn't get to this time; my coworkers have recommended the kale salad and the Brussels sprouts as additional dishes to try.

Kayne Prime on Urbanspoon

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