Thursday, September 22, 2011

New TV Review: ABC's @Revenge

You guys... Revenge is sweet.  (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)  But seriously, I am loving this new show on ABC.  I was intrigued by the previews, so I tuned in and wasn't disappointed.

Description:  A mysterious woman, Emily Thorne, arrives in the Hamptons seeking revenge on the people who killed her father and destroyed her family.  Billed as an adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo, the series stars Emily VanCamp.

My Review:  I loved it!  The production value is great, definitely capturing the essence of The Hamptons.  The suspense and drama are real, the characters have so many secrets, and they really leave you wanted more.  Everything is so connected, and I love figuring things out along the way.  I'm not sure how it can last past one season, given the intro is a flash forward to the end, but I know I'll be looking forward to it every week.  It's the best new show I've seen thus far!

Confession: Revenge is everything I wanted Ringer to be.

This is on the Top 5 on my DVR with my other favorites!  I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

1 comment:

  1. I was very happy with this show. I wanted it to be good and it really is so far.


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