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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Lately: Thinking, Finding, Allowing, Insisting, Repeating

Once again, it was a busy week for me and thus a slow week for blogging!  That's why I really like these Sunday Lately posts, because I can throw my thoughts together for the week in one spot.  I think the highlight of the week was getting a new phone... an iPhone 7 Plus!  I LOVE the huge display, and I don't really feel like it's that much bigger than my old phone.  The camera is amazing too, and I've noticed it's faster.  Improvements all-around, and it's supposedly waterproof!

THINKING... about the future.  I'm not vaguebooking, just daydreaming.  I catch myself daydreaming about having a house to decorate, having babies, traveling, etc.  It's kind of nice to have the space to have happy daydreams, instead of being wholly preoccupied by worry and stress.  I've said before that I'm not naturally a relaxed person; it's taken me a bit to get to this point!

FINDING... quality time with my husband.  The Mokara Spa at the Omni Nashville does great deals via e-mail, especially during the holidays, so I booked us each an 80-minute massage last Sunday.  Dan was a little nervous, as he hadn't done it before, but in the end he loved it.  We had a really great time enjoying the relaxation of the spa, and then grabbed dinner.  I did my best to detach from my phone, which is something we're trying to be more intentional about.

ALLOWING... myself some "me" time to do things like work on my planner, blog, etc.  I've been so "busy" that it's perfect way for me to decompress.  I did a week of planner page stickers/layer in like 5 minutes.  That 5 minutes made me very happy!  Moving to the mini planner made things a lot easier timewise, and it's the perfect size.

INSISTING... on nothing.  I'm trying to be more flexible, which is hard for me.  I'm naturally bossy (I know people don't like that word, but it sounds better than admitting I'm a straight-up NAG) so I am trying to bite my tongue and be more kind.

REPEATING... my Lularoe purchases, because I just can't have enough Amelia dresses.  I used to think $65 was steep for a dress, but now I have SIX of these dresses and I can't stop wearing them on the regular.  The flattering fit with pleats, the pockets, the fact that they travel well, these are probably my signature dress now.  I don't get the wacky prints, I pretty much have stuck to all solids with embossing or texture to the fabric.  Perfect for work under a blazer, perfect for just about any occasion.  Mustard yellow is my favorite color, so I had to jump when I saw one.

If I were really bright, I'd deconstruct one and make my own pattern so I could sew as many of these as I want!  I'd probably save money that way, right?  I think I should call my friend Lladybird and figure it out.

  • On the Blog:  I did share the recipe I recently got for Fire Crackers.  They're delicious, and we all need them in our lives.
  • On Twitter:  Bitmoji was quick to add the #saltbae meme to the lineup: here's mine.
  • On Pinterest:  I made this cheesy garlic pull-apart bread, and Dan liked it so much he attempted to make it himself later.  It was more work than he thought.
  • On Instagram:  We ate at Dan's favorite Nashville burger spot, Burger Republic.
  • Shopping:  Have you seen the alarm clocks/lamps that simulate sunrise?  I've been looking at one and wonder if it's worth the investment.  Winter sunlight hours drive me absolutely mad, and this is supposed to wake you more naturally and gently.

How was your week?

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fire Crackers

A couple of months ago, my coworker told me that someone had brought this cracker mix to work, a spicy but delicious snack.  From the time I tried a few, I was hooked.  They were tasty and addictive!  So of course I had to get the recipe to make my own.

Since then, I've made these crackers a few times.  I've decided to share them here, because they're AWESOME.


  • 1 cup canola (flavorless) oil
  • 1 packet of Zesty Italian dressing mix (I use Good Seasons)
  • 1 packet of Ranch dressing mix (I use store brand)
  • 2-3 Tbsp. red pepper flakes (based on your preferred level of spice)
  • 1 box of White Cheddar Cheez-Its
  • 1 box/bag of another cracker, I have used plain mini Club crackers, pita chips, Ritz chips, etc.  This is for some flavor and shape variety, so you can pick what you think will work best!

Mix the oil, dressing mix, and red pepper flakes until they look like a dressing.  Pour them over the two packages of crackers (I've done this in a gallon-sized Ziploc or a large Pyrex bowl) and mix.  Mix every 15 minutes for 1 hour, then place in refrigerator overnight.  Put into resealable container/bowl to serve as a great party snack!  We keep it on the kitchen counter until it's devoured.

I know it's not healthy.  But these are sooooooo tasty.  The White Cheddar Cheez-its are my favorite in the mix, but I like how it looks with another cracker mixed in.  It's rare that I try something and get a recipe for it, then make it THREE times in the span of a month.  I just can't get enough!  They're a little hot, but I dig it.

Do you have a favorite snack mix recipe?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Lately: Redoing, Making, Choosing, Concentrating, Appreciating

I'm back with the ladies of Blogger Tribe for our weekly recap/linkup!

What a week!  Dan and I were stricken with a terrible stomach flu earlier this week, to the point I even missed work.  It was horrible, and I can't remember the last time I was so sick.  I didn't blog much as a result, as my spare time was spent taking care of Dan or the apartment or something to that end.  Woof.  We also got a little bit of snow, which meant most people were home on Friday.  Weird, weird week.

REDOING... chores around the apartment.  Our house was super clean last Friday, but then the stomach flu hit me Monday, and all of that hard work was undone as we wallowed and tossed blankets and things all over the place.  So not only did I have to go around disinfecting, but we have to wash linens, towels, and blankets, and clean it all over again.  I usually try to clean something every week, but not EVERYTHING.

MAKING... poor food decisions, LOL.  Now that we're recovered from stomach flu, it's famine to feast.  Last night we baked these brownies topped with cookie dough, DELICIOUS.  We want to eat everything, after days of Gatorade and bananas and broth.

CHOOSING... which cookbook to read!  I love reading cookbooks, which I've mentioned here before.  Many of them are filled with stories, but sometimes I just like to read through recipes for ideas on ingredients and techniques.  I got some for Christmas, so I'm still going through them.  I am in love with Molly on the Range, and this Seoul Food cookbook is one of the best I've seen for Korean food in terms of organization and contextual info.

CONCENTRATING... on nothing at all.  I'm scattered all over the place this week, flitting from one things to the next.  I can't concentrate!

APPRECIATING... soft bathrobes and blankets.  I love the synthetic fabrics out there now that feel like luxurious fur and fleece.  I might be cuddling highly flammable material, but gosh it feels good when you're sick.  Oh, and you know what also feels good?  Using the last of your homemade meatballs to make grown-up Spaghetti-Os.

  • On the Blog:  I only wrote one blog post this past week, as I don't have much in the queue.  That said, our meal at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse was amazing and worth writing about!
  • On Twitter:  I went to get my favorite doughnuts, and I shared them with my husband.  Lucky guy!
  • On Pinterest:  I am a little obsessed with the idea of being able to perfectly ice a cake.
  • On Instagram:  Sometimes your Bitmoji tells it better than you can.
  • Shopping:  I'm looking for the perfect spice organization solution for my cabinet.  The old system I used was discontinued.  Any tips?  This one looks interesting, like I could put a bunch in the cabinet that way.

How was your week?

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