Saturday, September 3, 2011

Project Runway: Avant Garde Challenge #pr9bryce

Top 3 Looks... I think Josh M.'s on far left was best. credit
Yeah, you read it... I liked what Bryce did!  Doesn't mean I'm a fan, but I'm giving him some kudos.  Still think he'll be headed home fairly soon.

Overall, I was disappointed with the designers' performance this episode.  They were told to create an avant garde look based on a painting they created with kids from an art school in Harlem.

I just don't feel like any of them really gave us avant garde.  Like Laura said, I feel that avant garde is something normal people wouldn't wear, something that borders on costume-ish but still exudes fashion.  Lady Gaga often dresses in this way.

I liked Bryce's look, even though it was extremely simple... the straight-jacket sleeves concept and the colors I felt made it avant garde; the sleeves were part of the statement.   I also like the looks from Kimberly, Anya, and Josh M.  I was on the fence about Bert's look.  The pants were really cool in my opinion, and I'm glad Heidi saved him; the other judges hated it.

I do think Olivier's look was pathetic; he was fortunate poor Josh C., who is so lovable and yet not that in tune to design and fit, was back to replace the uber-downer Cecilia last episode.  Sad to see Josh C. leave again, but he wouldn't have made it to the final runway show anyways.  Olivier needs to brighten up his color palette and take more chances... or maybe get out in the SUN and get some Vitamin D!  Poor kid looks ill.

While I liked Bryce's outfit, I was torn about Anthony's win.  I've been an Anthony Ryan fan until last episode, and I just don't think his dress was particularly avant garde.  I think I would see it worn on a celebrity.  Between his outfit and Josh M., I think Josh M. should have won.  Sigh.  But I'm not a judge.

I think I am going to continue to stay on Team Kimberly.  She is consistent and has some great ideas, and I think she will stick it out for the long run!


  1. I loved Josh's look. Although his 'tude annoys me at times (can't wait to see tomorrow's blow up episode!) I thought he did a great job. Really thought Oliver should have gone, that outfit blew chunks, but yeah, Josh C just didn't cut it. I think he would have had a better shot if he kept the fur hood!

  2. Lacey, I totally agree! I think it would have been awesome to see an avant garde but literally make an awesome fur wolf SOMETHING. They would have docked him for being literal but applauded it for being badass.


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