Monday, September 19, 2011

Real Housewives: Punta Cana Drama #RHONJ

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Where do I begin?  The cast of RHONJ is on vacation in Punta Cana, a place that is special to the Giudices and Gorgas.  The whole gang is nervous about whether drama will unfold... but I realized that really everyone is just worried about Joe/Teresa's behavior.  It's pretty clear and everyone thinks the Giudices are making their own problems and have taken a real liking to Joey/Melissa and even the Wakiles.

First off, Teresa packs way too much for a vacation, and her husband is crass as usual.  I think every episode has a clip of Teresa trying to wake up Joe.  Sigh.  Then her pathetic bikini fashion show made me want to hurl.  (Caroline, I'd have gotten a migraine, too!)  Teresa will NEVER be as hot as Melissa, even when Melissa wears that unflattering do-rag!  I agree with the Manzo boys, Teresa's clothes/bikinis looked like stripper outfits.  Teresa is clearly jealous when she overhears people calling Melissa/Joey the hottest couple, and she delusionally comments that she still thinks she/Joe are the hottest.  Ugh.  Garbage.

Now, on to the drama scene. 
Everyone was behaving and doing alright until Teresa/Joe started talking about their restaurant plans.  They don't know the first thing about business (obviously, considering their bankruptcy and ongoing lawsuits) but they actually have the nerve to tell ALBIE MANZO what is what?  No way, Albie Manzo is awesome and runs a super-successful business the Guidices would die to own.  Then because they get shut down by Albie, Teresa turns an innocent/calm remark from Kathy into a huge drama fight, bringing up the christening argument again.  Teresa is trash and lacks the brain cells to act in a civilized manner.  She is too dumb to have independent though and instead feeds on the poison her husband Joe provides on a daily basis.  She calls Kathy pathetic, but Kathy has great kids and a great family...  TERESA is the pathetic one, the saddest, least classy woman on RHONJ.

Bravo SIDENOTE:  I stopped watching RHONYC, but holy cow did they gut that cast this year!  I understand Alex and Kelly getting the boot (they are both nutso and weird) but JILL ZARIN???  You have to have ONE solid woman in each cast, the Vicki Gunvalson, the Caroline Manzo.  For NYC, Jill Zarin was that woman.  How could she get the boot?  Boo.  Even less reason for me to waste my time watching that show.  As you can tell, I only watch NJ/OC... haven't even paid attention to Miami/DC and won't waste my time with the rest either.  But NYC was my next favorite after NJ/OC, and I just don't see myself getting into it again.  Sorry Andy Cohen!

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