Saturday, December 31, 2011

2nd Grade Best Friend Reunion!

I've written about my best friend from 2nd/3rd grade, Nicole, before.  Well, I finally got to see her again, after eighteen long years apart!  She was in Savannah for the holidays, so we met up at Leoci's Trattoria for lunch and some catching up.

First off, the food was great!  Nicole had the Wild Mushroom Risotto, and I had the Pappardelle alla Nonna.  It took us a while to order, though... we spent so much time talking, the waiter came by three times before we had even glanced at the menus!  It was so neat to see my old buddy, especially after we'd remained pen pals for so long after our families moved.  It was amazing we still had so much in common, and I don't intend to let her slip away again.  I even stopped by to say hi to her mom, who knew my mom and aunt from our time in Korea.

I am so happy!  Life is funny, and the world is a much smaller place than you'd think.  Maybe there's an old friend in your life that you need to look up?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

Runcible Reunion!  Baby C stole the show.
I had an amazing trip home to Bloomington.  It was short, but my days were so full it felt like I was there for longer!  I arrived on Christmas Day, and spent a relaxing evening at home with my parents.  (Watched the John Wayne 'Christmas with the Duke' marathon with Dad!) 

The next day, I met up with a group of high school friends at Runcible Spoon, a truly local and quirky little restaurant. It was so good to catch up, especially since I hadn't seen some of them in years!  Then I went home to help Mom with the preparations for our big family Christmas party.  My sister arrived that afternoon, so we were able to open our Christmas gifts!  I was very spoiled.... I got an iPad, clothes, and   more from my parents, and my sister went way overboard and got me an orange wool coat, Calvin Klein grey business suit, and a Kate Spade New York bag!  OMG!
The Christmas party was fun, and I had a lot of laughs with my relatives. It was strange not to have Grandma there; it was the first holiday without either of the Williams grandparents. I made my Dad a photo book of many old pictures I'd scanned over the past few months, and it was a hit.
Loss makes you appreciate what you have even more, and I was so happy to be with my family.  And the food was delicious! My Aunt DW made the sugar cookies I love, and my cousin AV even made my beloved pumpkin pie.  In my family, I think everyone believes I live on pumpkin pie! And I'm not complaining a bit. :)

My Family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Build-an-Outfit: New Year's Eve

When I think New Year's Eve, I think silver and sparkles!  I haven't been to a fancy New Year's Eve party in ages, but it's fun to plan the perfect outfit just in case I snag a great invite.  (Reality?  I'll be at home with some bubbly and the cat.  But let's dream, shall we?)  I decided that a navy dress with silver accessories would be perfect to ring in 2012!  I also love dark tights to keep you warm in the winter, so you can still wear a pretty dress.

Here's what I would wear, for $160!

Where to Buy:
Windy City Dress, Modcloth, $65
Jet Bead Flower Swag Necklace & Drop Earring Set, Kohl's, $15 sale
Pleated Clutch in Pewter, Target, $20
Hanes Silk Reflections Opaque Tights in black, Kohl's, $10
Kacey Platform Shootie in black, Payless, $50 sale

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

“I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, generous, pleasant time; a time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely, and so I say, God bless Christmas!”
-Charles Dickens-

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Christmas Eve, to me, is not about the holidays... it's about my father.

Dad was Santa all along!
I have the Dad that every girl wishes they could have.  He is loving, honest, caring, warm, and supportive.  He told me funny stories about growing up on a farm.  He held my hand until I didn't want him to anymore.  If I played a sport, he coached it.  If I had a concert or recital or award ceremony, he was there being the loudest person in the audience.  (At times, embarrassingly loud!)  He would drive 15 hours straight to come see me at college.  If I needed something, he made sure that need was met... he even got me a few of the wants throughout the years.

My Dad is the most important man in my life.  Some people say that will change when you marry or have kids of your own, but I maintain that of any man in existence, he has had the most impact on my life and character.

Today is his birthday... this year AW and I bought him tickets to see his favorite singer, Garth Brooks, perform.  He'd never seen him live, not for all the years he sang us those country songs!  AW said he was smiling the entire concert; knowing we could give something back to him felt so incredibly good.  There's no way I could ever repay him for being the steadfast and phenomenal father he has for the past twenty-six years.

Happy birthday, Daddy!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Celeb Looks for Less with @FrugalFrocks

STILL trying to finish your Christmas shopping?  I get the best coupon codes and online sale info from my friend Caroline via Twitter.  In fact, she had SO much info to share, she created a special Twitter feed just for great deals on the most amazing fashion finds!  She's a modern mama who is in tune to style, but also a bargain hunter... You'd be instantly jealous of her closet, but once you learn her tips and tricks, you'll realize she does it all on a budget!  Caroline proves you can mix designer pieces with bargain buys and no one will ever know the difference.

One of the things we both love to do is check out celebrity style and find a more affordable way to achieve the same look.  Here are a few that Caroline has come up with... if you like what you see, make sure to follow @FrugalFrocks on Twitter to find the same amazing deals!

Trend:  Shades of Green

Celebrity: Pippa Middleton
Pippa is wearing a Fay green coat ($1349), Maje shirt (approx $200), unknown denim, booties, and scarf.

Look for Less:
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita "pilar" booties in cognac, originally $95, sale $58.52 + 25% off code at
Shirt: Forever 21 plaid shirt $19.90
Jeans: Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans, Authentic Wash, $29.50 + 20% code ONHURRY20 (they run 1 length short)
Coat: M60 by Miss Sixty Hooded Elbow Patch Coat at (Neiman Marcus Outlet), originally $260, sale $179 + extra 50% off = $89.50.  Free shipping code FSANN30 til 12/31/11.
Scarf: Electromagnetic Scarf at, $19.99

Pippa's Total: approx: $1600+
Frugal Frocks Total: $188.08 for 5 items worth $415.59

Celebrity: Charlize Theron
Charlize is wearing a $875 Stella McCartney chunky textured sweater and carrying a YSL bag.

Look for Less:
Coat: Hive and Honey Green Sweater Coat on sale now at for $47.99 plus 15% off code GIFT w/ free shipping
Top:  Vintage Havana Animal Print Dolman Top,, $49 + 15% off
Jeans: (Same as Pippa outfit!)  Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans in Cuperno, $29.50 plus 20% off.  The authentic wash from Pippa's LFL will also work here if you want to get both looks.
Shoes:  (Same as Pippa outfit!)  The same DV pilar boots can work here as well.

Charlize's Total: $1800+
Frugal Frocks Total: less than $190

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas caroling

It's hard for me to get into a real Christmas spirit in the South...  don't get me wrong, there are Christmas decorations and happenings going on all the time in December!  But with the weather, it just doesn't feel cold enough to be the holidays.  We rarely ever see even a hint of snow.

But last night, I am happy to report, it felt like Christmas.  My friend SB invited me to go to dinner and Christmas caroling with her church, and since I haven't had a busy work schedule, I drove out to join her. There were tons of people, mainly teens, and we went to houses of elderly church members and sang to them.  It was moving...  They were all in walkers or wheelchairs, and they seemed so happy and surprised to see us.  Some sang along with us, others sat quietly and teared up during favorite carols.  It was one of those feel-good moments, where something so simple as singing a song made a difference to someone.  One lady said it really felt like Christmas because we sang.  And that is a feeling I won't be forgetting anytime soon.  Thanks SB for reminding me what Christmas is all about!

Me & SB

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I finally tried Zumba!  I want to get in better shape before my job interviews in April (look good, feel good!) and didn't want to wait until the New Year to get started.  Since fitness classes are super cheap near my work, I decided to start attended as often as I can after work, and my first night (last night!) was Zumba.

I have a few friends that are either Zumba instructors or take Zumba regularly, and they all love it.  I've done traditional aerobics classes before, and even a Jazzercise class with my Mom, but I was excited to try this one.  Zumba originated in Colombia and is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program.  It's the largest dance fitness program in the world!

Zumba was no joke.  I didn't pick up all the steps right away, but it was fun!  I definitely felt the burn.  It was more of a fast-paced dance class than an aerobics class, and I especially loved the Bollywood-style routine we did.  You get a better workout the more you 'shake it', so you end up really letting loose and enjoying yourself.  It reminds me of late nights at dance clubs, when you're burning tons of calories and sweating on the dance floor!

I should be able to attend class three times a week, but I think I might get a DVD or Wii game for days I want to do some at home.  As long as I have someone to follow, I do well exercising with my big screen!  If you're looking for something to inspire you to get fit, and you love dancing, Zumba may be just what you need.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making it happen @O_Magazine
I'm a longtime subscriber of O, The Oprah Magazine.  There's something about its big, glossy pages and life-affirming messages that makes me love it.  I'm a little behind in reading my magazines this month, since I was on vacation, but getting home to a big stack of them felt like a gift.

As I read through this month's issue of O, I felt like it was speaking to me... particularly, Martha Beck's article, "You Can See Clearly Now."  The article focuses on creating a plan for positive change, versus complaining or lamenting about obstacles and problems in your way.  With so much change happening in my life, I really feel like 2012 is a new chapter for me, a fresh start... like the magazine cover screamed at me!

Beck outlines the "Four P's" on how to get what you want... Pushback, Possibilities, Preferences, and Pinpointing.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last troops leave Iraq

The last vehicle in a convoy of the US Army's 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division crosses the border from Iraq into Kuwait, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011. The brigade's special troops battalion are the last American soldiers to leave Iraq.
(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

This photo was taken by Maya Alleruzzo, an AP photojournalist I had the pleasure to spend time with in Iraq in 2010.  To see this picture now, a year after returning from Baghdad, is a bit surreal.  I think a lot about how that year changed my life...  I didn't come back the same person that I was before I left.  I don't yet know what to think of that, but I'm trying to figure it out.  And as I finish up the last few months I have left in the military, I think about the friends I've lost overseas, the Iraqi people I met, and the ones that I served with.  It's bittersweet to see photos like this, but I am happy that everyone (including some good friends!) are now on their way home from Kuwait.  Well done, my friends.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hawaii Wrap-up

Red velvet pancakes at Cinnamon's
Well, I'm back to the grind again here in Georgia... but I had a great last few days in Hawaii before I left!

After departing Maui, I spent a couple of relaxing, low-key days in Oahu.  I spent time with my aunt/uncle, did some laundry, and read!  :)  Then my college pal MC picked me up and we met up with friends KW, CF, and JP for dinner.  It's such a small world, that I would have a dinner with people I've known since middle school, high school, and college, all mixed together.  It's a small world after all.  We shared a delicious meal at Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe, then it was back to MC's house for a good old-fashioned sleepover!

The next day was my last in Hawaii...  MC took me to a delicious breakfast at Cinnamon's, which has an incredible stack of red velvet pancakes.  Yeah, you heard me... RED. VELVET. PANCAKES.  Yum.  They were like the perfect combination of pancake and cupcake, not overly sweet but so fluffy!!!  Then we went on a long beach walk until it was time to head to the airport.  What a perfect ending to my vacation!

Hawaii was a blast.  I got to see friends and family, participate in a gorgeous wedding, and experience the natural beauty of two islands.  I was happy every day...  what more could you ask for?  I can't wait to plan my next trip.

Airport bathroom... only in Hawaii!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gleek Peek: Sectionals and Christmas

I'll admit it... even in Hawaii, I wanted to get my Gleek on.  So of course, I DVRed the Sectionals and Christmas episodes to watch when I got home!  I even psyched myself up by watching the Glee 3D Concert Movie on the plane, and listening to the new Christmas album!

The Sectionals episode was pretty good, especially performance-wise.  I didn't feel like New Directions was stronger than the TroubleTones, or even the Unitards (with reappearance of Harmony, the 'Gerber baby')... the Michael Jackson tribute was sweet, but the other groups really rocked! I'm glad that Quinn came around, and that New Directions is reunited.  But that's Glee for you, completely implausible but enjoyable!

As for the Christmas episode, I loved it like I loved last year's!  I really enjoyed the retro Christmas TV special (of course!) and the songs.  It's just a warmhearted episode, as Glee's Christmas specials have come to be.

So download some of these latest songs, and buy the albums for the special Gleek in your family!

Songs I'll Download:  "Buenos Aires", "Survivor/I Will Survive", "ABC", "Man in the Mirror", ALL the Christmas songs!

Terminal 6: a scary travel story


"We've arrived to LAX early," the flight attendant said, "We had to park at a different terminal, Terminal 6."

Terminal 6, I thought.  Good thing my layover it two hours; I have plenty of time to schlep to my next gate.  People pushed and shoved to get out the door in the typical selfish fashion that strikes people in transit, but eventually I made my way off the plane and into the terminal itself.

As I looked around for a information screen or flight attendant to direct me, I couldn't help but notice the barren terminal.  There were gates with no passengers or attendants, active construction zones all around, and no one to direct us which way to go.  I tried to check my flight on my phone, but I couldn't get any kind of signal.  So, adopting the herd mentality, I followed my fellow passengers ahead as they wove through the maze of construction.

No one knew which way to go, and there was no one to ask.  We passed through a series of tunnels, escalators to nowhere, never seeing another soul for what felt like hours.

"Is this the way to baggage claim?" a blonde mother asked.

"I'm trying to find a connecting flight," another passenger said.  I told him I was doing the same, but neither of us new which direction to head.  Every new sign with an arrow had a contradicting sign nearby; we passed only one hurried pilot who answered none of our questions but pointed us down another long, white hallway.  There were no windows, no doors, just singular paths; I couldn't help but feel we were calves being led to slaughter.

Finally we reached a terminus, a single elevator door.  There were no stairs, no other way to go.  It was a dead end.

"This is like the Twilight Zone," one man said, laughing nervously.

"No, it's like the beginning of a horror movie," I said.  Everyone laughed with anxious smiles as we waited for the elevator doors to open.  As the doors closed before us, we didn't know which button to push; the doors opened on floor "0", where we saw two emotionless airport workers staring back at us.

"Is this the way out?" one of us asked.  They ominously directed us one floor up, to level "P" for planes.

No one spoke as we made our way up.  I nervously checked my phone for reception, but there still was none at all.  We stared quietly at the doors, when we heard a noise behind us.  I turned quickly, unsure of what we'd find.

We saw lights!  We saw shops!  We saw restaurants!  Everyone laughed and smiled at one another, heaving sighs of relief.  As I exited the elevator, I looked back with uncertainty.  That is not how horror movies end.  The worst must be yet to come… but since I am the narrator, I figure I've got a better chance of survival than most.

After all, horror movies always end up with sequels.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Build-an-Outfit: Holiday Party

I missed my work holiday party due to my Hawaiian vacation (First World problems!) but I would have loved to dress up for it!  I really like to incorporate gold with traditional Christmas colors, and holidays are a great excuse for some bling.  I was thinking red and gold for this year.  What are you wearing to your holiday parties this season?

Here's what I would wear, for under $160!

Where to Buy:
Gondola Engagement Dress, Modcloth, $80
Pearl studs from Elegance Earring Set, Forever 21, $3
Ribbons and Beads Necklace, Forever 21, $6
Glitter Fabric Obi Belt in gold, Limited, $35
Shimmering Glitter Tights in black, Forever 21, $8
Komet Platform Pump in gold, Payless, $25 sale

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wedding and water!

Seaside Chapel

LC an PD got Maui'ed!  I guess it's LD and PD now…  :)

What a busy, but rewarding day.  VB and I started the morning in our pajamas on the beach, then headed to Kihei Caffe for some breakfast.  I had Spam, eggs, and rice, and we sat under a beautiful rainbow the entire time; definitely some good luck for the wedding, yeah?

The bridal party started our morning off early at Spa Grande, where I got hair and makeup done by the sweetest guy!  He was magic, and shared my love for the Twilight series… he even made my hair similar to Bella's wedding hairstyle in the latest movie.  I loved what he did with my makeup, especially since he used Bare Minerals, which is what I personally own!  Definitely learned a few tricks of the trade.

Then JS and I headed out to pick up some food while the bride/maid of honor got their hair and makeup.  I snagged some Spam musubi (of course!) and headed to the bridal suite.  I was able to catch the last quarter of the Army/Navy football game (great effort by Army, the closest we've been in years for sure!) and eat a bit.  Then it was time to get dressed, take photos, and head to the chapel!

The happy couple
The ceremony was beautiful, and my favorite part ended up being the dove release at the end.  I was initially nervous, especially since I don't particularly care for birds, but the way they circled the chapel after the release was a sight to see.  The reception was beautiful as well, situated on a balcony overlooking the chapel.  There were crystals and flowers and tea lights throughout, a live band, and a great group of friends and family.  We danced into the night, until VB and I thought our feet would fall off!

I've got steel drum skills.... not!
This is the first 'destination' wedding I've attended, and I hope it isn't the last.  While sometimes traveling so far to an event can seem daunting, turning it into an extended vacation and really taking the time to enjoy everything makes it totally worthwhile.

As for the 'morning after', it's all about relaxing on island time!  Champagne brunch at the Grand Dining Room, relaxing by the pool and beach, and a nice dinner with friends at the Monkeypod Kitchen.  Maui has been an amazing time!

The bridesmaids unwinding!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kihei and Wailea

Aloha again, my friends!

I had a blast on another jam-packed day in Maui.  We started the day with the wedding rehearsal, in the beautiful Seaside Chapel of the Grand Wailea.  Then the bride and groom treated us to a delicious breakfast at the Grand Dining Room.

Afterwards, the bride and bridesmaids headed out for a shopping outing at the Shops at Wailea, followed by a delicious lunch at Tommy Bahama's.  There, she revealed the gift of crystal and pearl necklaces, earrings, (and bracelets from JS!) that we would be wearing during the wedding.  So pretty!

But the highlight of the day was the incredible Grand Luau at Honua'ula.  A group of eight wedding attendees all sat together, front row center, for this extraordinary evening event!  We watched the slow roasted pig emerge from the ground, drank all the mai tais we would handle, and took part in the delicious buffet of Polynesian fusion.  We even got some fake tattoos!  Then it was time for the show, featuring traditional dances from all over Polynesia, including fire dancing.  I'd been to luaus before, but never so close up!  LC, PD, and VB even got up for the hula lesson.  It was definitely an evening to remember.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And on to Maui...

I had a blast on another full day in Oahu, this one with my Mom and aunt the entire day!  We checked out the awesome Christmas decorations in Oahu, shopped until I also literally dropped at Ala Moana, then grabbed some delish Asian fare at Shirokiya.  I also got my nails done, as well as my first pedicure (check off another Before I'm 30 task!) and had some delicious Korean BBQ.  I really enjoyed spending some time with my Mom and aunt, something I just don't get to do very often.

Then today I headed to Maui, to begin a jam-packed weekend of wedding festivities and bridesmaid duties!  The flight over is very short, and beautiful during the daytime.  The hotel I'm staying at, the Maui Oceanfront Inn, is right on the beach.  It's older, but comfortable, especially when you are spending all of your time outside your room and just using it to crash!  The beach is pretty amazing, and the water looks spectacular.

Mom & me
I took the public bus up to the local Maui Tacos, and then was able to meet with with fellow bridesmaid JS and her husband IS.  We shopped around, grabbed a drink, and then said our farewells until tomorrow morning's rehearsal.  Tonight I'm headed to the Grand Wailea, where the wedding events are taking place; I actually think I'll be spending more time at the resort than my own hotel!  I'm having dinner with the bride, groom, and maid of honor at Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, which has been rated one of the top resort restaurants on the island.  It's sure to be delicious, and a nice night to kick off what is bound to be a whirlwind of a weekend!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aloha from beautiful Hawaii!

No, not even a vacation can keep me from blogging away!  The truth is, with Hawaii being 6 hours behind Georgia, I haven't been able to sleep past 5 am for a couple of days.  Jet lag is a challenge when you travel this far, so I'm strategizing a nap and forcing myself to stay awake tonight to combat it.

As I write, it is December 7th, the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, that day that will live in infamy.    I actually flew into Hawaii with a WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor; he was given a First Class seat and traveled all the way from Minnesota for the reunion/celebration.  I also flew in with a high school marching band from Georgia participating in the festivities, which included a lot of nervous teenage first-time flyers. I actually had two long flights with them; the first one most of them screamed (roller coaster style) every time the plane moved!  It's always surprising to me when people haven't flown before, or even left their home state… I was such a nomadic child, I can't even fathom such a thing!

My aunt and uncle live in Oahu, so I've been here half a dozen times and stay with them when I visit.  They always make me feel at home on the island!

My very first day on the island, my longtime friend CF came to pick me up for a day of fun!  I hadn't seen her in years (we ran together in middle school and against each other in high school) so I was super excited!  First we did a hike up Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail, near my aunt/uncle's house.  It's a paved climb up the little mountain (I did it in my flip-flops!) that gave us a beautiful vista.  Definitely worth the walk!
CF and me!
Then we headed to Kailua, to pick up some standup paddles & surfboards.  It took me a while to get used to standing upright on the board; you have to keep your knees bent, and turning was a bit challenging at first!  But we finally got it, and spent a good amount of time on a nearby river; it was too windy to head into the surf that day.  It was even hard paddling back into the wind; you could push all you wanted without budging an inch!  Definitely a fun, full-body workout.  I can see why people love Hawaii; it's so beautiful outside you can have fun and get a workout without even noticing.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Travel Must-Haves!

I've been flying all my life, navigating airports and transfers all on my own since I was about 10 years old.  I know my favorite airports, where their best food stops are, and what to bring onto the plane with you.  I've got this down to science, and I'm a fast packer!  Here are my tips for your 'personal item' bag to tuck under the airplane seat.

1.  Check all your other stuff at the counter.  I love to check a bag; you don't have to fight for overhead bin space, which has become a battle since the airlines started charging baggage fees. People shove their way through boarding just to make sure their bag gets on board.  You also don't have to drag it through your connections.  If you don't want to pay a fee, ask at the gate if they will accept planeside checking of your carryon before you even board; if you have time at your next connection, this can help you out immensely.

Oh, and my pet peeve?  People who can't lift their carryon into the overhead compartment unassisted.  Okay, if you're elderly, or you're holding a baby and have to haul their stuff too, I understand.  But my personal rule is, if you can't carry it, don't pack it.  Maybe it's the military part of me talking, but I cringe when I see people overpack.  Pack your bag, then go back and remove a few things that are less important; I guarantee you don't need them.

2.  Carry a good, solid bag.  I always carry a large tote, something I can slip my laptop into if I choose to bring it.  I bought a black leather Coach tote years ago, which I think was from the Men's section; it's my workhorse bag.  (It's much like the leather Coach Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote they sell now.)

3.  Stay organized.  I keep all of my travel documents in a cute, small tri-fold that I bought at a museum in Montreal years ago.  (A similar one is here; simple but functional!)  It holds my frequent flyer information, parking/shuttle receipts, itinerary, and tickets.  I can grab it out of my bag without having to fumble through a billion things.  I also keep track of my flight on my iPhone; I typically fly Delta, and their app is great; I can figure out what my connection is before the plane even reaches the gate.  It even lets me load my flights into my calendar.

4.  Bring along some entertainment.  Travel is a hurry-up-and-wait game.  I usually travel with my MacBook Pro and Kindle.  (I supplement my Kindle with the purchase of a trashy magazine or two at the airport bookstore, so I can read during takeoff/landing.)  I also bring my headphones to listen to music on my iPhone, which also has plenty of games!

5.  Stay hydrated!  I try to drink a lot of water when I travel (it helps to prevent jet lag), so I usually buy a small bottled water once I am through security, then refill at water fountains along the way.

Bottom line?  Keep it simple.  You're going to be hauling this bag for the day.  Sometimes I pack a snack or two, but other than that, my bag is pretty much limited to these items!  Maybe I'll have a pair of sunglasses, definitely my wallet, and any valuable jewelry I might bring along.  But you don't need to haul anything else.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Savannah Bridge Run 10K

Me and my running buddies... who both beat me.  :)
If I had to describe the Savannah Bridge Run in one word, I think my feet would choose "OUCH".  The Savannah Bridge Run is probably the most iconic Savannah road race there is; tons of runners sign up for the 5K, 10K, or even the 'Double Pump', which means running them both nearly consecutively!  It's a huge celebration, with costumes and a party afterwards.  It's the only time you're allowed to run over Savannah's gorgeous bridge, and if you choose the 10K (like me!) you run over it twice.
I hadn't trained as much as I should have beforehand, and I was nursing some blisters from earlier this week, but I really wanted to do this race before I move away from Savannah.  It's such a tradition here, and the view from the bridge is incredible.

That said, it was probably one of the toughest runs I've ever done.  The steepness of the ramps and bridge go for so long, and even the downhills are hard on your legs.  I was able to manage about a 10-minute pace per mile, but I couldn't will myself to go any faster; I even had to walk at some points.  But it was pretty cool to see the view that you would only otherwise see from your car, and having TONS of other runners made you feel like keeping with the flow.  We also ran down Broughton Street, which was decorated for the holidays, so I enjoyed that too!

All in all, I'm glad I did it, and glad my friends VV and BD could join me.  My feet are almost covered in blisters that I need to nurse, but at least I've got my bragging rights!  I made it across the bridge.  :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

@Bota_Box Wine
I love wine...  red, white, sparkling, and rose, I don't discriminate!  My favorite white wines are Gew├╝rztraminers and Rieslings, but I also love a good Cabernet Sauvignon.  The problem is, I only drink a glass or two, and then I'm stuck with a partial bottle that doesn't keep very long on the counter or in the fridge.  (I'm not a heavy drinker!)  It's such a shame to me to have good wine turn to vinegar before I can finish it all!

Then, while browsing at a local beverage store, I noticed a pretty box of wine on the shelf.  I know what you're thinking... boxed wine is cheap and unrefined.  Yeah, I thought so too.  But when I saw the high ratings on Bota Box's Cabernet Sauvignon, I was intrigued.  Even Wine Spectator rated the Cabernet Sauvignon with 87 points, and Wine Enthusiast gave it 85.  I also saw that, once opened, the wine will stay fresh for over a month.  That's because Bota packaging keeps the wine away from light and air. 

I decided to try it, and I wasn't disappointed.  The box was easy to set up, and the wine tasted great!  It was the same caliber as the wine I buy in bottles.  The box is perfect for a countertop, or even the fridge.  And the price is right too; I paid the same for a 3L box that I would for one bottle of wine.  That's like getting three bottles for free.

I know that there will still be people who turn their nose up at boxed wine... but now the technology is there to make it both good and practical.  If you live alone and like a nightly glass of wine, this is the perfect match.  You can still bring out your fancy bottle for company, but when it comes to the everyday, Bota Box has definitely got a new convert in me!
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