Friday, September 16, 2011

Project Runway: Men are from Mars #pr9viktor

I took the bait and thought that Project Runway was doing a menswear challenge... not something for the client's significant other!  I knew there had to be a twist.   And these guys are NOT helpful!  They are very typically aloof to their girl's style.  The other challenge for the designers is that they haven't seen their model, and these women are REAL!  They have curves and aren't all super tall.

My favorite!  credit
I liked that the men got to go to Mood with the designers.  It's a neat challenge, because they could very well have someone commission them to create a piece as a gift, without seeing the end client.  Luckily, the designers got to see their women... and true to form, they had to make adjustments.

The episode really focused on Bryce, who is basically the weakest link in the last nine designers.  He's a downer, and the other designers know he won't last until the end.  It's like they are being nice to him just knowing he's got an expiration date on the show.  Olivier also had a lot of trouble, because he's not used to designing for someone with breasts.  Newsflash, there are a lot of curvy celebs out there that wear designer clothes!  Think Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, the Kardashians... you have to be able to adjust to a model with a different shape.  I used to think Olivier had a shot early on, but now I realize he designs for art and not for real work... Michael Kors has simple, clean lines, but women can wear it and look beautiful.  Olivier can't make it work.

Viktor's outfit rocked!  I would wear that, and it suited his client perfectly!  I also think Joshua did a great job making a simple piece for once.  He toned it down!  Both of them were my favorites, but I think Viktor did it a bit better.

In the end, Joshua won, making him the first two-time challenge winner.  The judges didn't choose Viktor because of his over-accessorizing, which I think is really unfortunate.  He made pieces any woman would love to wear!  But Joshua's dress was definitely awesome and I am content with his win.  Surprise surprise, Bryce went home.  His dress wasn't bad, even though it bunched a little bit because the fit was off.... but at this point in the competition, fit is important!  I personally didn't like Kimberly, Bert, or Olivier's looks either.  Boo.  But Bryce needed to go.

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