Monday, June 27, 2011

RHONJ... more silly housewife antics.

Catskills Teresa... SCARY!
After this week's RHONJ episode, I watched "Watch What Happens: Live" hosted by my beloved Andy Cohen.  Dina Manzo, formerly of RHONJ, made a great point... the reason Melissa and Teresa don't get along is because they are too similar!  Joey chose a wife who was like his adored sister, and wanted her to do things (like have a big christening, etc.) like Teresa did for her girls.  Well, you do that to a woman and it leads to competition!  I do believe that Teresa wants to have a relationship with Joey, but I feel her talk with Melissa was insincere.  They may have hugged it out, but I don't think Teresa will ever like Melissa, even though I do think Melissa could be good to Teresa.

As for the Catskills adventure... what ridiculousness!  Guns and four-wheelers and way too much innuendo!  Even in the interviews, Teresa was just gross.  I don't want to know about her and Joe.  And Teresa's clothes were heinous, and probably cost a small fortune.  Blah.  I'm not into the Giudices.  Enough said; I felt like Caroline in this episode.

Also, Melissa should put her daughter in a dance class where she is with girls her own age; that was a weird exhibition from the ballroom dance studio.  OF COURSE they put Antonia in the show... it's free celebrity/publicity.  It was kind of terrible.  Though it was good that Joey/Melissa got to spend time with Joey's mom.

Anyways, I don't have much else to say about RHONJ.  I actually prefer the live show following, because Andy Cohen is the best.  Also, I miss RHOOC.  Especially my Vicki Gunvalson!!!

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