Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Real Housewives: OC Season Finale

The "Cease & Desist"!
So by now, if you're a #RHOC fan, you've watched the explosive season finale!  Unlike New Jersey, where you toss tables, in Orange County you toss drinks!

Where to begin?

Tamra vs. Jeana:  THIS was the headliner fight of the episode!  Divorce is messy, and I know that friendships are lost in the process.  But that does NOT give has-been Housewife (I said it!) Jeana any right to run her mouth to the press about Tamra's divorce.  Knowing how explosive Tamra can be, I was actually impressed I didn't read more crap about her fight with Simon in the press.  While there didn't need to be a bunch of pushing/drink-throwing, I feel Tamra was right to deliver Jeana a "Cease & Desist" in talking to the press.  Jeana calling Simon from her driveway after the altercation just shows how she's been stirring up drama behind the scenes.  Sounds like someone misses her Housewives paycheck/fame!  Winner: Tamra.

Tamra vs. Gretchen:  I am glad there wasn't a lot of Tamra/Gretchen drama.  I feel that Gretchen was truly sorry that she implied Vicki was in the hospital on purpose as a snub to Alexis, and that she was in the wrong for being so evil about it during the fashion show.  I do think that Gretchen tried way too hard at the party to point out to Tamra that she was treated much like Jeana treated Tamra, even if she had a point.  It wasn't the time.  I do think that things for those two could be on the mend, but I don't think they will ever truly heal.  It's too bad, because I think they could be a dynamic duo... but kudos to them for acting like grown-ups for once at this party.  Winner: Draw.

Alexis vs. Peggy:  I like Peggy better than Alexis.  Even though Peggy drank too much and started the fight over lips/boobs/etc., I think that Alexis tries way too hard to be 'better' than Peggy; remember all her random snide remarks about potty-training and whatnot?  And then in the finale, we learn that Peggy dated Alexis' (loser) husband before they were married, which explains a LOT.  While I do think Alexis is prettier than Peggy, I don't think Alexis has any self-confidence whatsoever.  She feels inferior to Peggy somehow, and tries desperately to overcompensate in so many ways.  And it's not just about Peggy; I think Alexis feels threatened to fit into the OC lifestyle, and it just might not be for her... (Her house was almost foreclosed upon; why is she, a stay-at-home-mom, hiring nannies and spending money starting a crappy 'couture' line?)  Anyways, I'm calling it for Peggy, because Alexis is super fake and Peggy is 100% herself.  Winner: Peggy.

Vicki vs. Donn: This divorce just makes me so sad.  Sooooo sad.  I always liked Donn, and he was a father to Vicki's kids even though they weren't his.  I used to feel like Vicki was so OCD and hyper that she was the one keeping herself from having a better relationship with Donn.  But at this point, I see how much Vicki is hurting and knowing what divorce is like, I sympathize.  But in a divorce, nobody wins.  Winner: No one.  Though I did laugh when Vicki thanked the girls for causing so much drama that no one even mentioned her divorce at the party!!!

And lastly... what was UP with Cougar Quinn's AWFUL wig?!  Did she buy it from RH of Atlanta's Kim?  LOL.

Can't wait for the reunion specials... those are always the BEST!  Watch what happens!

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  1. hahah i love this. my mom is SERIOUSLY obsessed with this show! so out of control!


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