Saturday, June 18, 2011


A few friends kept telling me that I would love Pinterest... but I ignored them.  But then I got curious, because they were so convinced that this is something I would be into.  So I tried it.  And I'm hooked.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  Huh?  Well, basically you find something you like on the internet, and it lets you organize and share them.  So instead of the dozens of random bookmarked recipes I had in my Safari browser, I was able to create a "Food & Drink" Board that has beautiful color photos and lets me browse them for whenever I need inspiration.
A peek at my Pinterests

I also started marking things I'd like to buy, things that inspire my style, things that I like for home decor...  and it just keeps going.  Pinterest is so easy to use, and it's just enjoyable to look around.  Who'd have thought that such a simple concept could be something so great!

My Pinterest boards include Things I Want, Food & Drink, Wanderlust, My Style Pinboard, For the Home, and Products I Use.  It's so fun to browse what others are sharing as well.   You can even share the things you like to Facebook and Twitter.

Check it out, and Follow me on Pinterest!

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