Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Real Housewives: New Jersey Thanksgiving

What can I say about the #RHONJ Thanksgiving episode?  Let's just break it down.

Kathy:  The woman can bake!  I know she was showing off a bit for the camera, but I was still impressed.  Maybe it's because I watched this episode during the first few days of a new diet, and I was drooling.  But Kathy still hasn't won me over, and I'm not surprised she's still stinging from her rejection by Caroline; you can't fool the Manzo matriarch!

Teresa:  I don't think that she feels she needs to apologize to the Gorgas, though she did.  And I don't think she'll listen long enough to make amends with her brother, or her sister-in-law.  I feel that she's being close-minded and immature, just like her brother.

Caroline:  I have always considered Caroline to be 'real' but the visit to her daughter's boyfriend's family store was uncomfortable.  I feel like the show and everyone involved went way too far to point out the class differences between the families.  Albert tried to smooth it over, but the poor guy isn't the most eloquent.  Love Caroline, but there was a little too much overcompensating.  Let the lovebirds handle their differences; I bet they aren't so glaring as the parents may feel.

Jacqueline:  I feel like she's really trying to parent, and parent well!  Good for her!  And though Ashley has (smartly) given up asking for a NY apartment (funded by her parents) so she can show up on time to her (unpaid) internship, she is still acting like a spoiled brat.  Anyone can see through her 'show' of suddenly cleaning her room and doing chores!   Watch out, Jacqueline!  There's still work to do on that girl.

Melissa:  GROSS.  Seriously, that mechanical bull thing was gross.  Melissa and Joe are just icky.  And Melissa can be a bit backhanded about repeating stories of how Teresa has wronged her, even if Teresa was gauche.  Can we talk about something else?  Joe Gorga is just too much for me.  Ugh.  A walking stereotype.

This episode lacked what I was hoping for: a response to the letter Teresa sent to her brother Joe.  When is the confrontation going to take place?  That's what we all want to see.

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