Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jer-blah blah boring.

Another wannabe popstar!
Oh, great, another Real Housewife wants to start a recording career.  Though I will admit, Melissa Gorga can carry a tune better than just about any RH aside from Kandi Burruss!

Anyways, I can tell the Gorgas like the attention.  Blah.  Melissa's on TV to try to be famous.

We had some more empty-nest sadness from Caroline, more trials in parenting from Jacqueline, as well as more boring Kathy. (Unless she stirs up some more drama, I don't see her as a returning cast member next season.)

I was very sad watching Teresa's daughter, Gia, get so excited for her Uncle Joe to attend her gymnastics meet, only to be disappointed when he arrived ridiculously late.  From watching his mother's reaction, I'm starting to lean more and more towards Teresa's side in Teresa/Joe vs. Melissa/Joe ... even though Teresa continues not to listen to anyone's voice other than her own.  Seriously, for the sake of peace, why can't these people just agree to let it be forgiven/done and just move on?

Next week's episode looks to be more exciting.  This one was a filler.  I'm still waiting on a Teresa/Joe confrontation.

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