Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Real Housewives

Since Glee/Grey's Anatomy/Make It Or Break It are all on hiatus for the summer, I have turned to Bravo for my television entertainment.  Confession: I have a weakness for The Real Housewives.

Here's where I stand...  I've watched Orange County since the beginning, I love New Jersey, I quit watching New York after Bethenny left (and now am BORED with it), and Atlanta is a hot mess.  As for Miami, Beverly Hills, and D.C.?  They're not worth my time, those women can't compare.  So essentially I've devoted myself to Orange County (the ORIGINAL, holla!) and New Jersey... because New Jersey has that Sopranos/family dynamic that is just way too interesting not to watch!

We're a well into the OC's sixth season, and a few episodes into NJ, so I'll give you my personal recap of what's happening with my favorite ladies, and I'll continue to keep you updated on the saga from there.

ORANGE COUNTY:  There is no shortage of drama in the O.C.!  First off, I've always seen Tamra as a bit of a villain on the show.  She's visibly aging and I feel like she's having a mid-life crisis.  I'm happy she's rid of Simon (and hate the way former cast member Jeana acts about it) but she keeps trying to compete with Gretchen.  Gretchen, once my favorite, has turned into a MAJOR WITCH.  What happened?  First off, I hate Slade.  Gross....  kudos for Gretchen for fully acknowledging that he is her boy toy, and that if he ever wants it to be more serious then he needs to pay child support and get a job.  But Gretchen has definitely turned into the villain this season, constantly attacking Tamra and Vicki.  I understand attacking Tamra at times, but not Vicki, and it seems like Gretchen wants to be the "Queen" of the OC Housewives... but as an original caI'st member, THAT is Vicki's title.

Vicki continues to be my favorite, even though I feel she is a super workaholic who needs to try harder to work on her marriage to the sweet and loveable Don.  I like the newest housewife, Peggy, but don't get me started on the ridiculous Alexis.  Alexis' "couture" fashion line is a joke (and she treats her designer like CRAP!) and her submissiveness to her husband and religious holier-than-thou attitude make me sick.  She constantly pretends like she has a real job, and I hate when the housewives do that.

So let's recap:  I still love Vicki.  I don't like Gretchen and Alexis.  Peggy seems to be the level-headed one.  I'm proud of Tamra's progress, but she needs to be the bigger person and just quit making drama with Gretchen.  And Slade is gross.  Fin.

(Click "Read More" for my take on the explosive new season of RH of New Jersey!)

NEW JERSEY:  Season 3 = Drama!!!  Seriously, when this show airs, I am ENGROSSED.  Who should we start with?  How about an AMEN that Danielle is no longer on the show?  There was something seriously gross about that woman, and now the internet is saturated with her garbage.  Good riddance.  The returning cast members are Caroline, Jacqueline, and Teresa.  Caroline is still my favorite... is it a coincidence that my favorite is always the steady, strong matriarch of the show?  Caroline is so REAL to me; her emotions to her sons moving out were legitimate, and it's so funny to me how the other housewives go to her for approval and to try to gain her support in their various arguments.  She is the Godfather of the Housewives!  As for her sister-in-law Jacqueline, I don't know whether to be disappointed or encouraged.  I feel like she's come a long way and is no longer the pushover she was two seasons ago, but her dealings with her eldest daughter are hard to watch.  Her daughter is spoiled and entitled, and really needs to learn how to be an adult; I wish that Jacqueline could come up with a way to show her daughter just how much of an adult she had to try to be

Now, for the Guidice/Gorga business.  I was never a huge Teresa fan.  I thought her overly-opulent house and husband's subsequent bankruptcy were plain ol' karma.  But now that I see how hard she is promoting her books, and that her husband is humbly working in a restaurant endeavor to keep their family afloat, I have to give her kudos.

As for her relatives, the newest housewives?  Meh.  Kathy, Teresa's cousin, LOVES to stir up drama.  She looks like an older version of Teresa (but with bigger, pug-like eyes).  She shouldn't be playing either side; it seems like she just loves to feed off the negative energy between Teresa and her brother's family.  As for Teresa's sister-in-law, Melissa, I will acknowledge that she is pretty, and seems like she could have a good head on her shoulders if she wasn't so jealous of Teresa.  I think the only reason Melissa and Teresa argue (and I think someone pointed this out during an episode) is that they are so similar, and in competition with one another.  I really want to see them make up, but the problem with the Guidice/Gorga family is that everyone wants to shout/interject/have the last word, and no one is listening.

The explosive fight at the Gorga christening was troubling.  Despite Melissa/Kathy's opinions, I completely blame Joey Gorga for what happened.  He was completely trashed, and overreacted to his sister's polite (albeit fake) congratulations.  Teresa, at least, is one for keeping up appearances.  Teresa does not owe an apology, and Joey needs to stop being so jealous and blaming Joe Guidice for his problems and just be a man.  He needs to fix himself and his relationship with his father and Teresa... Teresa's letter to him is a positive step in the right direction.  I really want to like Melissa, but I feel like she is supporting her husband who is in the wrong.

So let's recap:  Love Caroline, proud of Jacqueline's progress but she has some work to do.  Kudos to Teresa for rebuilding her family, but she needs to shut her mouth, listen, grow up, and try to patch things up with her only sibling.  I don't like Kathy, she's just BLAH.  Melissa has potential and is beautiful, but she needs to fix her relationship with Teresa and realize her husband may have an alcohol/anger problem.

Can't wait to "watch what happens" as these shows continue!!!

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