Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go Try It On!

I love the website Go Try It On.  My friend JTal introduced me to it, though I'd read about sites like this before in newpapers/online.  How many times have you been in a dressing room, or in your closet, wondering what you should wear?  Maybe you've narrowed it down to a few items, but you're not sure which one to pick?

Instead of sending out a blast of text messages to your friends or making a choice you later regret, you can get tons of (near-instant!) opinions from people who love clothes and peruse this site.  I did it recently for a bridal shower and bachelorette party; I was trying to choose between different dresses, and the opinions/votes I received really helped me decide!  Within an hour of posting, I had dozens of votes.

One of my "Go Try It On" entries...
You can also blur out parts of the photo, like your face, so that strangers don't see your image.  It's good for privacy, and you can get tons of anonymous opinions that will boost (or lower) your confidence in an outfit.  I think that it's the kind of thing that can encourage you to "shop your closet" because you can instantly find out what's working for you and what's not.  I appreciate the honesty of the site's voters; because they're not your friends, they are going to tell you the truth!

I also like to get fashion ideas from the other users; they are posting from around the world, so you get an idea of what everyone is wearing on a given day.

I even have the app for my iPhone!  Anytime throughout the day, if I have time to kill, I can peruse outfits and vote/leave comments.  I've never seen a harsh/mean comment; everyone who is a part of it seems to be supportive and genuinely trying to help each other.  If you're into fashion, this is a fun thing to check out.

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  1. I thought this was such an awesome idea-crowdsourcing your wardrobe! Did you wear the dress that got the most votes to your shower?


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