Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Real Housewives Reunion: Orange County, Parts 1 & 2

You could cut the tension with a knife!
I waited until after I could watch both parts of the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion before blogging about it.  And boy, was it explosive!  I really like these reunion shows, because they can really change my opinion about something I saw, it forces the women to speak in front of one another instead of in private interviews, and it allows viewers to ask questions.

The other reason I love the reunion shows?  ANDY COHEN of course!!!  He is executive producer or co-producer for 99% of my favorite shows on Bravo, he's a wonderful TV personality, and I just want to hug him all the time and be his best friend.  Love me some Andy Cohen!

Anyways, on to the reunion.

Peggy:  I still like her a lot.  I think she and Vicki have been the most dignified this season, even though Peggy was constantly baited by Alexis.  Peggy is better than stupid Alexis, who has a massive inferiority complex because she found out Peggy hooked up with her husband Jim years ago, before she married him.  Whatever.  Peggy is right in choosing to align herself with Vicki, and I hope she returns next season.  She was so brave to talk about post-partum depression (even though Alexis, as usual, tried to hijack that from her) and I want her to stick aroudn!

Vicki:  Oh, poor Vicki.  I am so sad her marriage to Don is ending.  I thought that she was very brave to sit through Don's interview, and very mature to admit to faults in her marriage and to support what he said.  Any other housewife, IMHO, would have lambasted Don and called his interview a lie.  But Vicki is one to admit her mistakes, and that is why she is my FAVORITE lady from RHOOC.

Tamra:  Hated Tamra after this.  I chose to be on her side in Tamra vs. Jeana, but really that battle is the lesser of two super-evils.  Tamra is butting into everyone's business.  I hate Slade Smiley, but why is Tamra on the phone with his ex?  Why is she even involved in Slade's life, and as a result, Gretchen's?  Tamra is old enough to know better.  I still think Jeana is in the wrong, but Tamra needs to learn to stop stirring up drama.  I think if she spends more time with Vicki, she will learn.  (Also, her super-dark eye makeup is not doing her any favors, and makes her resemble the Emperor from Star Wars.)

Gretchen:  She chose to be the mean girl this season, and she was.  I think she is being smart in her relationship with Slade, so regardless of his motives, the women need to lay off of him and let Gretchen take care of that aspect of her life.  Gretchen herself has said she can't have kids with him in good conscience until he can pay his child support, and that sometimes love isn't enough to make it work.   I see Gretchen growing up, though I wish she would just let bygones be bygones, stop baiting Tamra, and be nicer to Vicki.  So Vicki didn't visit Jeff in the hospital... Gretchen had no right to behave as she did when Vicki went to the hospital for a serious issue.  I'm glad she apologized and visited in the hospital, but she needs to wholly admit she was super wrong in that situation.

Alexis:  WHAT AN IDIOT.  Seriously, the prologue to Roald Dahl's Matilda comes to mind...  something to the tune of, "Alexis has the glacial beauty of an iceberg, but unlike the iceberg she has absolutely nothing beneath the surface."  Everything that comes out of her over-poofy lips is word vomit.  She is obviously SUPER angry that Peggy used to date Jim, and she even tried to blame Peggy for not telling her, when Jim should have.  Kudos to Peggy for not being the one to stir up drama.  Alexis overcompensates wildly when it comes to Peggy, and can't let Peggy make a statement without trying to one-up her.  "You had post-partum?  I had it first!  Your kid can read?  Mine is writing for the NY Times!"  Blah blah blah.  She is constantly defensive, interrupting, and ANNOYING.  Her husband is a twit, and while she is beautiful, I find Alexis to be a very very sad excuse for a woman.  I can't stand someone so subservient and hypocritical and insecure.  BLAH.  Please remove her from my television screen.  (Oh, and her fashion line was NOT couture, and it was unwearable.)

Slade:  Don't come on the reunion show.  Get your act together off the TV screen, and make your private life private.  You're the 6th housewife because of your fame-whoring ways...  be with Gretchen, keep her happy, but just stop invading the show.  Blah.

Jeana:  I want to believe Jeana, but Tamra vs. Jeana is ugly.  The fact that Vicki, who used to be best friends with Jeana, is on Tamra's side, says more to me than anything I saw on the show this season.  Jeana still hasn't divorced her husband after all these years, she's as insecure and passive as ever, and it's just sad.  It's like she wants to be back on the show, and she's making desperate attempts.  She needs to stay out of Tamra/Simon's divorce, just like Tamra needs to do the same for Slade/Gretchen.

WHEW!  Lots of typing.  I've been watching RHOOC since it started, as the ORIGINAL RH show, and I haven't been too disappointing.  My wishes for the future of RHOOC?

Gretchen takes the high road and becomes nice again (I loved her first season!), Tamra minds her own business and changes her eye makeup, Vicki finds happiness in love and her children/Don too, Peggy stays the same, Alexis falls off the face of the earth or finds herself mute, Slade no longer makes camera appearances, and Jeana just minds her own business.  Fin.

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