Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burton Luggage

Burton Wheelie Flight Deck
Ever since LC's bridal shower, when she used her fiance's Burton luggage to pack, I've been kind of obsessed with it.  I was so obsessed, that I decided I had to replace my current (falling apart-can only zip in one direction-has tears in the fabric) luggage with Burton's line, because it gets rave reviews not only from snow boarders (their target demographic) but Good Housekeeping.

It's the magic 'carpet bag' of luggage; it holds a ton, has the best compartments for organizing, and includes a dirty clothes bag so you can separate everything.  There is a hard back, sturdy skateboard wheels, and these stretchy "CRAM" seams along the zippers that allow stretch without tearing your bag.  It's perfect, and it looks awesome too!

The print I really liked was their Solar Kennedy Plaid.  I saw on that their Flight Deck (carry-on size) was on clearance, because the print was being discontinued.  I scored the Flight Deck (retail $220) for $176, a savings of $44.

Burton Wheelie Double Deck
I figured, I saved $44, I need to move quickly to score the Double Deck (the larger bag) in Solar Kennedy Plaid!  So I ordered it from one website for full retail price ($290) even though it made me cringe.  A few days later, the website e-mailed me to tell me that it was out of stock in that color.  OH NO!  But I'd already ordered the Flight Deck in that color!

I looked quickly online for the Double Deck, and saw that REI not only had it, but had marked it down on clearance to $200.  That's a $90 savings from what I was going to pay!  I was on pins and needles hoping I wouldn't get another e-mail telling me they were out of stock too... I didn't feel better until the shipping confirmation today.  WOOHOO!

All in all, for what would have originally been a $510 investment, I spent $376.  That's a $134 savings, about 25% off!

I'm very happy with this purchase.  I plan to have this luggage last me as many years as my previous American Tourister bags, a great buy at your local Wal-Mart.  But these Burtons have a lifetime guarantee, so if something major happens I'll be calling the company!  :)

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