Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekly TV Rundown...

I watch too much TV.  So aside from my Project Runway and Glee recaps, I'm going to roll all of my TV reviews up in a weekly entry instead of spamming you with a dozen summaries/comments.

AWESOME NEWS... Arrested Development is coming back!!!  I can't wait!  As my friend JTal Tweeted, "I think I just blue myself."  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

Pan Am-I like this show!  It's pretty much the only 'retro' show among the many new ones available that I liked.  It's campy and improbable (spies?) but I really like Christina Ricci as Maggie, as well as the drama between the Cameron sisters.  The moment that tugged at my heartstrings was when the overbearing Cameron mother showed Kate her passport, which she got the summer Kate became a stewardess, despite her disapproval for the lifestyle.  Also, I love hearing the cast speak French without subtitles, because I can understand everything!  :)

Terra Nova-  I don't know if I'm going to keep watching this one; I'll give it one more week.  The entire episode was about little pterodon 'birds' tormenting the pilgrims.  It's going to be like this every episode I'm thinking, though I want to know more about Taylor's missing son and what 'secret' is hiding in Terra Nova.  But they're going to have to do better than a bunch of creepy birds to keep my viewership.

Delilah on The Singoff  (credit)
The Singoff-  I liked this episode.  I liked hearing the groups sing twice, and my favorite group, Delilah, KILLED IT!  I disagree with the judges' opinion of their 2nd song, because I thought it was awesome.  I felt that Kinfolk 9 is the group that should have gone home, because I didn't think they should have made it to the next round to begin with.  I loved Afro Blue, and I think they+Delilah should be in it until the end!  Sidenote, I think it is clear with the themed costumes that there is some wardrobe person dressing the groups.  (Confession: I DVR this super-long show and fast-forward the fluff to the performances.)

New Girl-  I quit.  Even Zooey Deschanel can't make this funny.  She plays the part like she's so socially backward it's ridiculous.  Cute, but unwatchable.  No longer on my DVR.

The Little Couple-  I kind of like how I get two episodes at once of this show.  I really appreciate seeing Jen in action at the hospital; she may be small, but she's a badass doctor!  I can't wait for them to be parents and live in their new house.

Suburgatory-  Cute!  I like this short comedy.  It's smart and funny.  Not a deep thinking kind of show, but worth watching!

Dance Moms-  I am so happy they chose Chloe as the lead in the music video!  Melissa was out of line in her behavior in wooing the producer and pretending she's happy for the other girls when they get something good.  Chloe is an amazing dancer, but her self-confidence holds her back.  I was so happy to see her shine!  Melissa seems a bit evil, and Abby really acts like Maddie is her little darling and coddles Melissa.  It's very strange, and I dislike Melissa for the way she talks and uses her boyfriend to fund dance lessons and be a 'dance mom'.

Revenge-  Oh, Revenge is sweet.  Seriously.  I don't know whether to hate or love Emily Thorne.  The people being destroyed are bad people who have done bad things... but she is actively seeking to ruin their lives.  Can you support that?  Is she right?  I don't know, but watching her take down someone different every episode is just fascinating.  The characters are so intricate and deep; even the ones you meet only for an episode have incredible secrets and webs of lies.  I look forward to it every week.
I love Revenge.  (credit)

Grey's Anatomy-  I am not convinced that Owen should be the Chief.  Last episode I had some laughs though, especially when Cristina AND Teddy couldn't remember how to do the open appendectomy, and I was happy it wasn't all so super-serious.  I haven't watched the latest episode yet (it's on my DVR!) but it will be interesting to see the show from the men's perspective.  But then I want my girls back!

Cancellations:  Also, The Playboy Club (remember death by stiletto?) was one of the first cancellations of this new TV season...  I can't say I'm surprised.  I'm guessing Charlie's Angels is next.  Those shows are too expensive to maintain if they aren't pulling in viewers.

Any shows I'm missing out on?  Looking forward to ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' later this month.  I hope it's good!


  1. Whoa your blog changed!! Very simplistic, I like it!

    I am OBSESSED with Delilah on the Sing Off. And also Urban Method. I love their rapper!! I am not a fan of Afro Blue, don't know why but they just don't do it for me.

  2. Thanks Lacey! I like it too... I wanted a greyscale/white/black kind of thing, so I whipped something up one afternoon. :)


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