Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tampa, FL

The Dali Museum
I went on a quick trip to Tampa a while back, but I just realized I never wrote anything about it!  I try to write about my trips in case anyone is headed to that area and wants some ideas/inspiration.

Just a few quick notes on the trip...
Shopping:  International Plaza and Bay Street mall was AWESOME! Just about any store and restaurant I could think of... I had blast in their Forever 21 store.

Food:  I love Brazilian BBQ joints.  Those all-you-can-eat places where it's GREEN CARD GO! and RED CARD I'M STUFFED!  They're pricy, but phenomenal.  I ate at Texas de Brazil and it was delicious.  Seriously, I was in a carnivorous heaven.

Sights:  I did a little day trip to check out Siesta Key, which is a super cute place not too far from Tampa!  I also went to the Salvador Dali Museum, which was gorgeous.  It was an amazing collection, and even the building's architecture was reminiscent of Dali.  I really enjoyed my time there, as well as outside the museum in the small garden.

Melting clocks...
Overall, there was a lot to do and see in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.  I think it's a great place to visit, but a little too far from Savannah than I care to drive for a weekend... Orlando is closer and has a lot to do, but I'm really glad I went once!  The Dali Museum was the highlight of my visit for sure.

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