Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gleek Peek: Asian F + Effie

Image credit: Mike Yarish/Fox
Okay, this episode was THE BEST thus far this season.  I mean, it was back to basics and some amazing transitions into songs and great acting and...  OMG it was great!  I finally feel like this show is redeeming itself.

First off, I was a little annoyed by Mike Chang getting featured again, but this episode he really excelled.  I loved the 'Asian F' storyline (having grown up with an Asian mother myself, I cried the first time I got a B+... in 4th grade) and Mike's singing was great!  He really channeled emotion into the episode and I enjoyed watching him shine.

Next, I'm feeling a little sorry for Kurt, but I think he's really maturing.  He isn't the star he wanted to be, and he is receiving disappointment after disappointment.  He's been knocked off his pedestal, and maybe it's healthy... but I feel kind of sad for him.

Kudos to Brittany for stepping up and taking charge!  Love it!

Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes.  I kind of feel like the analogy to Effie from Dreamgirls is a little too obvious... but I loved Mercedes in this episode.  I didn't like how she behaved, but she was so REAL.  She finally stood up, and she DID kick Rachel's butt in that audition.  She SHOULD have gotten Maria instead of Rachel, and Rachel knew it.  I thought when Rachel went to Coach Beiste it was to withdraw from the musical, not some far-fetched attempt at Class President.  Mercedes is justified in some of her feeling, and the drama and tension I felt was real.  And the theatricality of the Dreamgirls sequence 'It's All Over' was AWESOME.  More, please!

P.S.  As for Emma's OCD and Mr. Schue's solo song?  Meh.  I'm not interested.  I don't really care.  Emma's adorable, but I feel like they are featuring Matthew Morrison too heavily since he released a solo album.  They need to quit it, let the kids sing.  He's not cute.


Songs I'll Download:  "Spotlight", "Out Here on My Own", "It's All Over", "Girls Run the World"

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