Friday, October 14, 2011

Project Runway: Who's going to Fashion Week??? #pr9viktor

GO VIKTOR!  Pay no attention to the
 models on the right... (credit)
I actually liked plenty of things in the collections presented to see which 3 of the remaining 5 designers would move forward to Fashion Week.  I've never been a huge Josh or Anya fan, but I did guess that it would be Viktor, Anya, and Josh on the final runway.  I didn't care for either Anya or Josh's collections in this most recent challenge, but the judges have always liked Anya.  Josh is lucky he toned it down, but I am worried about his final collection when he has time to overdesign and go crazy.

Then they tossed in a twist.  Laura and Kimberly were told that ONE MORE designer would move on to create a collection.  I think Kimberly had more potential.  And Laura just choked.  Close, but no cigar.  It was neck and neck between her and Kimberly, but Kimberly was just a little bit better.  I didn't see either of them at Fashion Week in my mind.

Going into Fashion Week, I am still TEAM VIKTOR!  I think he will do something that I would love to wear, tailored and lovely.  I hope he wins, but even if he doesn't, I have the highest hopes for him.

Did you know that during Fashion Week, since the show airs so long after, they made ALL of the designers that would be 'remaining' on the show at that point walk collections... so you had to guess who was a 'real' finalist and who wasn't.  Fun game, right?  I could cheat and look up photos of the contestants' looks, but where's the fun in spoilers?  I'm waiting anxiously for the finale; I love the final episode.

I'm excited to see who shows up for Project Runway All-Stars!!!  Having a bunch of people used to the kinds of challenges on the show, competing neck and neck...  that will be awesome.

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