Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Runway: For the Birds! #pr9viktor

Sorry this episode recap is a bit late, but I was traveling and had to DVR the episode!

I want Viktor to win!  He's my favorite!
Okay, first off I was annoyed by the huge L'Oreal product placement again.  Birds, eyeshadow, makeup... but the combination of head-to-head design battles, a $20,000 prize, and TWO looks made it all very high-stakes!  I like all six of the designers left in the competition at this point in their own way, but I like Josh the least.

I was kind of tuning in to Lifetime's coverage of the designers, because in the past they have featured the designer most who is going to be kicked off the show.  Initially, the camera was all over Kimberly's meltdowns, so I predicted she'd get the boot.  She was a total Debbie downer and all over the place this episode.  Then they started focusing on Anya's lack of sewing skills showing through, and her decision not to share fabric even though most of the designers helped her WIN the last challenge.  Viktor was right after all... everyone needs to just look after themselves.  And everyone DOES use similar ideas as Viktor! They draw inspiration (cough cough) from what he's doing!

I think it's really torture that they had the designers make two looks, then 'cancel' one.  But it's actually a realistic and good challenge, forcing them to make some decisions.

As for the runway, I feel like Viktor's look was predictable.  It was beautiful, but then Kimberly did a similar look that wasn't as good and very sloppy.  It looked like a cheap copy.  I actually liked Josh's dress, because it was simple and he didn't take it over the top.  Bert's look was very different from Josh's, and it was actually very pretty.  He just needs to stop styling those girls with 70s Farrah Fawcett hair.  Anya's black dress was actually very architectural and different from what she's done before.  Still, you could see her lack of sewing in it through the closeups.  I thought Nina would love it, and I was right!  Laura's wasn't great, but she does a decent job tailoring.

Kimberly had the weakest look to me, but the judges actually liked it.  What?!  Viktor's was literal, but his colors were great!  I thought that Anya or Viktor would win, though I liked Viktor's best. But after the judging, and knowing the bottom three, I felt the judges would send Bert or Laura home, and that Anya would win.

And, what do you know?  Anya won.  It's apparently all about 'stepping out of your comfort zone' and not being too literal in interpreting challenges.  Anya is the judges' darling in an almost annoying way.  I also think it's good that Josh brought up Anya's lack of sewing ability at the end of the episode, because her model has to be cut out of the dresses every time.  I wonder if it is going to hinder her later on.  And Bert was out.  I think his look was better than Laura's, but sometimes the judges surprise me, like they did last episode sending Anthony Ryan home instead of Josh.

If my recap seems scattered, it's because that's how I felt this episode was.   I think these 90-minute episodes are too long.  It takes away the suspense and lingers way too much on the designers stressing out, without focusing on the WORK during the filming.  I wish they would take it back to a 60-minute episode, because it is too distracting and not very exciting to me as past seasons.

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