Monday, October 17, 2011

Holy #RHONJ Reunion! (Can you fire Teresa, please?)

Last night the first part (because they always have at least two) of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion special aired.  I look forward to the reunions every season, because they have all seen the footage/interviews and have to sit on a sofa and own up to everything they said and did.

In this case, it was all about Teresa... and for good reason.

Kathy:  I like Kathy, even though I felt like she was portrayed poorly in the beginning.  It seemed like she was inserting herself into drama to keep herself relevant on the show.  Now, I realize she is a good wife and mother, a genuine person, and someone I won't mind hearing about in the future.  She does a good job of being reasonable, and I appreciate it.

Melissa:  I like her now, too!  She really loves her husband, she is very grateful for the luxurious life that she has, and she cares about her family.  Her singing career is silly, but at least she is doing something she enjoys.  She dislikes Teresa for good reason, so I will take her side in a Giudice vs. Gorga battle any day.

Caroline:  Kudos for owning up to being mean to Kathy/Melissa in the beginning.  Caroline is many things, but a liar is not one of them, despite what Teresa says.  Mama Manzo is my favorite, and she is steadfast and strong.  It sucks that she has been hurt and betrayed by women on this show throughout the years, but I can count on her to be honest and mature.

Jacqueline:  True to her weak form, Jacqueline did not participate in the reunion.  She needs to grow a backbone and leave the show, because I don't think she is happy in life and needs to find herself.  She has a great husband and would be fine without it.  She needs normalcy back.

Teresa:  Are you guys ready for this?

Everything that comes out of the woman's mouth is toxic.  Has she SEEN the footage from this season?  has she REALIZED how ridiculous and stupid she is for continuing to stand up for her crook of a husband?  She is insanely jealous of everyone who has something she doesn't, so she makes up stories that attribute their success to her and her husband.  She spews venom without any sort of filter.  She called Melissa a 'bad wife'?!  She's turned Caroline's sister Dina against her.  She can't mend her own families divisions and continues to create others... she is as bad as Danielle Staub.
The devil in blue (Bravo)

The other thing that drive me nuts is that she is absolutely oblivious to her family's financial situation.  Perhaps her ignorance has kept her safe from a jail sentence, but she REALLY needs to get involved.  I don't doubt her husband is somehow spending her money.  He's also unfaithful, a drunk, and a bad person.  She needs to do the best thing for her kids (because they ARE affected by all of this) and leave him.  I think the other housewives might even forgive her past transgressions and support her.

Part 2 of the reunion will no doubt be more of the same... I don't know why I hold out hope that Teresa will come around.  She was an adorable idiot in the first season, but now she's evil.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if she was kicked off the show.

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  1. I agree with everything - can't believe how she's turned on the manzos/lauritas when they stuck with her through it all. The guidices are so gross.


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