Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bar Rescue with @jontaffer

Spike TV
Have you seen Bar Rescue on Spike?  I liken it to Tabatha's Salon Takeover, but for bars... I happened upon it one day and had to record ALL of the first season's episodes!  On the show, expert Jon Taffer goes to bars/clubs that are going under due to poor management, bartending, and restaurant practices.  I know from reading Kitchen Confidential that the restaurant business is full of failures, so Taffer is giving these guys a stay of execution.

Inevitably, there is conflict.  These guys don't want to admit that they're failing, they don't want to fire members of their staff, and they are emotionally attached to their failure of a bar.  But Taffer has the data to back up the changes he suggests for the bars, and he turns around decor, menus, cocktails, and more.  I especially love to see the talented cooks step up to the plate after they get the help they need in the kitchen.  It's incredible to see just how much he can do in four days; all of the episodes I have seen resulted in profitable venues.  Taffer's an expert in his field, and there's no doubt he knows what he's doing; I just wish the bar owners would accept his advice without question!

I wrote on Twitter how much I liked the show, and Jon Taffer responded back.  You see it right here from the man, folks, Bar Rescue is filming new episodes in January!  :)  Still plenty of time to catch the first season in reruns before setting your DVR to record the new shows.

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