Sunday, October 30, 2011

More FREE iPhone apps I'm playing with...

I haven't written about the fun I'm having with my iPhone since I got in in March, but the truth is I can't put it down.  I've recently upgrade to the new iOS, and I really love it.  I figured since I've been using it so much, and I'm a total cheapskate, I'll share some of the FREE apps available in the app store that I use the most!

Social Networking.  I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (you can pin from Safari!) on my phone, in that order.  These are all free, and something that you should have on your iPhone if you use the sites on your laptop!  Another great one is Bloglovin, which allows me to read all of the latest from my favorite blogs in one centralized location.

Camera.  I love camera apps!  The iPhone is now my de facto point-and-shoot; once I get my DSLR next month, I am giving my old camera to my sister.  I love that the new iOS allows for some cropping and minor editing now, but before I used Adobe's Photoshop Express.  For fun filters and effects, I like Instagram and Paper Camera (great comic book-like effects), and recently tried out CamWow for funky photos.  (CamWow leaves a watermark on its free version.)

Food.  I love UrbanSpoon!  I update my wishlist and favorites as I go, and the reviews help me chose restaurants.  I also use OpenTable to make reservations.  As for recipes, I check out Epicurious, AllRecipes, and BigOven.  Never buy a cookbook again!

Shopping.  I have the basics on my phone, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist (very handy!), PayPal (send money from your phone!), Groupon, etc.  I also love the Key Ring app.  Do you have a ton of membership cards on your keychain with barcodes?  This app allows you to consolidate them, and it can regenerate that barcode for scanning onto your phone on days you leave the cards behind!  How cool is that?  I love it on vacation.  I also like using Kayak to find cheap airfare!

Tools.  I still love Ringtone Maker, especially now that the new iOS allows for new alert tones!  Another great one is the Flashlight app, which keeps your camera's flash on so you can use it as a light. It does drain the battery, but it's so much better than using your screen for light in a dark room.  Free Wi-Fi allows you to locate hotspots nearby you so you don't have to use your 3G network to download things.  I use the Delta app to track my flights and know what my gates are when I'm on the go through airports.

Games.  I play the free Angry Birds games, Rush Hour, Words with Friends, Greedy Spiders, and most recently Family Feud!  I don't game a lot on my phone except in boring meetings, but I do know you don't have to pay for good games!

All of these are available in the App Store by Apple, and many of them are available for Android as well.

What free apps do YOU like?  :)

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