Friday, October 21, 2011

Project Runway FASHION WEEK #pr9viktor


The episode started off with Tim 'Make it work!' Gunn visiting all of the designers at home, commenting and advising them on their collections thus far.  Anya had nothing sewn; all she had to show were fabrics.  FAIL.  Kimberly seemed the long shot, but at least she tries to make wearable pieces.  Josh was ALL over the place.  He lost his ability to edit after he left Parsons, and he needed Tim to tone him down.  It made me wonder if he's been drawing inspiration from others in the workroom all along?

GO VIKTOR!  (Lifetime)
Viktor...  my beloved Viktor Luna!  He has been competitive all season and he grew to be my absolute favorite.  It was so sweet to meet his boyfriend David, and to see his inspiration for the collection.  He makes stuff that I would want to wear... it bugs me that the judges knock his work because it is so wearable, especially since Michael Kors made a career out of beautiful, but wearable pieces.  We're looking for a fashion designer, not the next head of the editorial Haus of Gaga.  Tom and Lorenzo agree with me, and wrote a great article about the show.

Only three of the designers from the final four will be part of the Final Runway walk.  They show three of their ten collection pieces so the judges can decide who they want to see.  Anya's pieces look like everything she's done before... v-necks, jumpers, prints, maxis.  This is the first time I've really seen her frantic, even more so than the episode where she lost her fabric money.  Thanks goodness Josh edited after Tim's visit.  He actually did some well-tailored pieces.  Kimberly has always appeared to be the long shot to me.  As for Viktor, how AWESOME was it when all of the other designers looked so freaked when they saw his amazing white jacket piece?  His look with the skirt pleated with zippers was so rockin'.  LOVE that his prints are made from photos he actually took.  Viktor's critique was really great; I think the judges were right to tell him to edit a bit, but everything he did was amazing.

Oh, and guess what... EVERYONE is going to Fashion Week.  They had me in suspense when they chose Kimberly before Anya, because I know the judges just love the ground Anya walks on.  Huh.  Weak judging?  :)  I would have cut Kimberly or Anya and moved on.

The hardest and best part of Fashion Week is that since there is no theme or guideline, all of the collections are SO different.  It's almost hard to judge them against one another, because you may like one but be struck by another.

My prediction is Viktor will win, followed by Anya, Josh, and Kimberly.

Oh, and just because I love Viktor so much, I HAD to show you... Viktor responded to one of my comments on his Facebook!  :)  Yay!  Love him.


  1. I think Anya's are wearable as well, albeit repetitive. The jacket was AMAZING...zipper skirt too gimmicky for me. Kimberly is too regional--great for where she is, but that's about it (but that volume skirt??? WTF was that?)

  2. I do agree Anya's looks are wearable... if you are tall, thin, and have no boobs! :) I am too short to really look good in her designs, but I like the concept. I just haven't been as enamored with her this season like the judges and fans have been. Her lack of sewing knowledge makes her work all the more impressive.

    Kimberly was the weak link. Her volume skirt made the model look like she had a bubble bustle or something! I get her urban chic look, but everything she does is very Forever 21 to me. I love her back story and she is a sweetheart, but you're right... not enough for the wide world of fashion.


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