Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Pinterest?

I've written about Pinterest before, but today it helped me de-clutter my coffee table, so I thought I'd share just how it helps!

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  Basically you can install a little 'button' on your browser so that anytime you're on a photo, recipe, article, etc., it picks up the photos and you can 'pin' them to your boards.  It also lets you include a description, and stores the link from the photo.

If you love cooking, I think Pinterest is for you.  Not only can I see photos of the recipes I've bookmarked (instead of a bland list of forgotten recipes in my Bookmarks folder), but I can edit the descriptions to type in comments based on the recipes I liked.  I can store recipes in Pinterest without printing them, then print the ones I want to keep.  It's awesome!

Even better, I had a huge folder filled with recipes torn from my magazines: Fitness, Oprah, Rachael Ray, Everyday Food, Taste of Home.... and while tearing the pages out helped me eliminate clutter by ditching the full magazines, I kept forgetting about the folder when it came time to choose recipes for grocery lists and meals.

Today, I went through that stack of magazine scraps and did Google searches for the recipes, adding them to my Pinterest boards.  Now, they are all looking delicious and lovely on my board, so I can simply browse images when I'm looking to cook something!  I tossed the scraps and haven't looked back; it's all safely stored online for me.

Now that I've built up my boards, I'm proud of what I've pinned, and the resource it is for me!  Just one more use for the funny little site that is Pinterest.

My Food Boards:

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