Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Runway: #PR9anthonyryan

(SPOILER ALERT!  Read and heed.)

I have got to tell you, I have COMPLETELY changed my tune in terms of who I'm rooting for on Project Runway.  Seriously.

Just when I'd declared that I was rooting for old man Bert, he COMPLETELY blew the unconventional pet store materials challenge.  It's like he didn't even try, and he had a bad attitude about it.  The judges are going to think twice about letting him win another challenge; while they do try to judge based on the individual challenge, I know they definitely take past work into account in terms of consistency; if you are always a top competitor, and you have a bad day, they're more likely to keep you than send you home.

So Bert is off my list.  I can't support him.

Also, I disagreed with the judges choosing Olivier's look over Anthony's AMAZEBALLS birdseed dress.  I agree with Heidi, his look was tops.  So it was a little short... designers send those kind of dresses down the runway all the time!  I really thought that Olivier's dogbed top was just too bulky and made the model look like a linebacker.  In addition, the eyebrows were just too much.  I like the effort to create drama, but save it for the couture challenge.  I really questioned Anthony's hot-glue-gun seeds because I thought it lacked construction, but when I realized where he was going with it, I couldn't believe the craftsmanship he displayed!  WINNER.  #PR9anthonyryan!!!

I do agree with the judges sending Josh C. home.  During all of the challenges, he has had trouble making clothes that flatter a woman's body.  I kind of wonder if his Mormon upbringing seeing women dressing modestly translated into him thinking fashion should be ill-fitting and frumpy?  Or maybe he just can't sew?

I didn't like Becky's look, and I don't like her attitude.  I also disliked Fallene's lack of backbone... she's lucky she wasn't the one sent home.  And, SURPRISE! I'm starting to like Laura Kathleen.  I really wish she'd gone forward with that plastic cone dress somehow, because it was so Lady Gaga and unique.  She made the right move by playing it safe, though, because she's back for another week.  I did resent her whole "I grew up privileged shopping at Neiman Marcus" act but I think that she has the sewing skills and creativity to back up her cockiness.

Anyone else hooked on Project Runway this season?

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