Monday, August 22, 2011

Real Housewives: More ridiculous behavior! #RHONJ

My thoughts for three of the women after I watched this most recent episode...

Jacqueline.  Please don't act like your child.  Seriously, that is how you came off tonight.  I know you were upset, but not letting anyone else speak, even your husband?  You're only helping Ashley's case that you are as emotionally immature as she is.  You can't keep cutting her off and yelling and expect her to respond.  I know you're fed up, but it's time to take the high road, be silent, and ACT.

Ashley.  MOVE OUT.  Seriously, you have been begging for a 'tough love' lesson and now hopefully you're going to get it.  You are twenty years old, and your parents would totally pay for you to go to college full time, let you stay at home at the mansion while you work full time.... take advantage!  And don't screw your cousin over when she tries to hire you for a legitimate job.  How irresponsible and immature can you get?  The excuses you are making about being age 20 are excuses that only stay for a 16-year-old, not an adult.  Grow up.

TERESA.  Seriously?  Kudos for keeping a straight face in the midst of your financial difficulties, but why are you trying to rain on Melissa and Kathy's parades?  Why are you trying to steal Kathy's thunder talking about your restaurant, which you obviously know nothing about running?  (Read Anthony Bourdain's books, please.)  You're the last person on earth that needs to start a restaurant, because those have a terrible rate of failure.  Stick to writing books, and tell your bum of a husband to get a legitimate job.  You've been touched by an angel financially, so make it right.  And stop tearing other people down and "Keeping Up with the Gorgas" okay?

As for the others, nothing big to report.  I think Kathy is a good mother, based on how her kids act.  Teresa and Jacqueline could learn a thing or two.  I'm glad Melissa is more mature than Teresa in dealing with the drama.  Also, I still love Caroline, she's the best!

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