Monday, August 15, 2011

Real Housewives: A filler episode. With parenting. #RHONJ

Am I the only one who thought this episode was one of those 'filler' episodes that moves the season along? Here's what you missed...

Kathy thinks she needs to give her 16-year-old daughter 'the talk'.  News flash, Kathy, she's 16.  You needed to have that talk back in 7th grade.  You're late.

The Intervention credit
Teresa vs. Melissa.  For one, I can't believe how fake Teresa's cookbook photo shoot was.  Not surprised at all that her children acted like the total terrors that they always are... she doesn't parent!  I also thought it was incredibly rude not to invite her brother's family over for the shoot.  If her parents were there, she should have had her one and only sibling there.  Melissa was venting about Teresa's reaction to her singing, but it almost seemed justified.  Let her have her little one-hit-wonder... if the Countess and Kim-fake-hair form Atlanta can have fake singing careers, let Melissa do it.  She sings better than both of those broads.

Caroline's daughter wants to lose weight.  And Caroline is right in telling her the fad diets don't work, and that she needs to exercise.  The gym scenes were lame though, but at least Lauren is trying.

Okay, now for the IMPORTANT part of the episode.  FINALLY Jacqueline's daughter Ashley gets what was coming to her.  Not only is she always behaving TERRIBLY towards her mother, but she's the most immature and entitled 20-year-old I've seen in a while.  She lives at home, works part-time (max 4 hours per day!), gets a car from her family, and parties all the time.  She doesn't help around the house.  So they finally stage an intervention with Ashley's biological father, because she is constantly playing with both sides and they needed to present a united front.

I cannot believe Ashley said the things she did to Jacqueline.  Does she not realize how lucky she is that they haven't kicked her out and that she has so much privilege and money?  There are people who work during high school, who pay their own way through college, who don't have the luxury of sleeping in all the time while they make half-assed attempts at 'ideas' on what to do with their lives.  The minute Ashley moves to LA, she'll be calling home for $$$.  It's just the way it is.

Maybe she'll grow up.  Let's be honest, Lauren admits to being like Ashley in the past, but now that she's worked through beauty school and started her own boutique, she is really working hard.  (Granted, all of this was funded by her parents, but she WORKED HARD and they rewarded her with the means to pursue her dreams.)  THAT is how is should go.

The episode ended TO BE CONTINUED...  and I'm really interested to see if the parents all stand united with a real backbone this time against Ashley.  Because I'm of the opinion the girl needs some tough love, to see what it's like to not have everything handed to you.

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