Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Real Housewives: Really, Teresa? #RHONJ

Okay, we all know I never really liked Kathy, but I will say that I have completely changed my opinion of Melissa and Teresa.  This episode, plus the Watch What Happens Live episode featuring Teresa as a guest afterwards, really made me cringe.  TERESA... REALITY CHECK.

She is so determined to think everyone is against her, everyone is wrong but her/her husband, everything is someone else's fault.

I loved the Manzo family in this episode...  I would feel lucky to be a part of their Brownstone New Year's Eve celebration!  I also appreciated Caroline's wishes for everyone for the new year; she truly is an amazing matriarch and the RHONJ I would like to be friends with/have as my adoptive mother.

Other than that, I didn't get much out of this episode...  just more respect for Melissa, a little forgiveness for Kathy, and no pity whatsoever for Teresa.


  1. I waited until I had watched the episode to read this post and I completely agree. Teresa just made me cringe this episode. She made herself look so bad and it made me think that she is just not a nice person.

  2. I usually watch the day after it airs since I DVR all my shows. But Teresa, on the live aftershow, was so unapologetic even months after the taping, I really started to believe she is delusional. I knew she wasn't smart, and that her kids are little brats (minus Gia who is growing up nicer now)... But I thought she was real and sincere. And that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.


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