Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My @ErinCondren Life Planner

I LOVE my new Erin Condren Life Planner!  I found out about it from fellow blogger Lacey, who found it a bit too large/not fitting her needs, but the minute I checked it out on the website I knew it was perfect for me!  In high school and college, I was OBSESSED with the school-issued planners.  I loved them.  They were organized by the weeks, had a spiral spine, and were full of open spaces for me to write notes.
This is the exact planner I bought! credit

It's not for everyone, but I think that we all go through a few failed planner attempts before we find one that works... I have a few "losers"stashed guiltily away in my house.  I am obsessed with writing in the tiny little details of things in my numbers, meeting notes, deadlines, everything.  The Erin Condren Life Planner is pricy (and BIG!), but I love the tabs, stickers, and organization.  Splitting the day into morning/day/night is perfect for my needs, and I like keeping my to-do lists and goals together.  This thing is basically my new bible, so long as I have a purse large enough to tote it!  :)  I keep it on my coffee table and record everything in it, and I carry it around with me at work at all times.  I even bought multi-colored gel pens... I'm like a high school girl again.

I do like to keep alarms and reminders on my iPhone, but I really think writing things down commits them more to my memory, and I like checking the boxes on my task lists.  I also list when I need to take medications, workouts, grocery lists, anything!  I use this thing every day, and it's set up to last me through December 2012.  Perfect to help me keep track of all of my meetings, my transition from the military, and more.


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