Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reality Recap

I've been so wrapped up in The Mommy vs. Non-Mommy Divide, I haven't been writing about my favorite reality shows!!!

Real Housewives of New Jersey:  I watched the Christmas morning episode, and it was alright.  I loved the Manzo Christmas, and I want to be an honorary member of their family!  That said, JOE GIUDICE, WTF?!  I mean, Teresa is trying to make peace with Joey and Melissa, and he's spewing poison about them?  And then he's too lazy to get up for Christmas morning with his kids, refusing to put a shirt on and videotaping them from the sofa without even looking through the viewfinder.  He's gross.  Seriously.  Every episode, I like Melissa/Joey more.  Oh, and I like Kathy less.  She wants to stay on the show and so she's brewing a feud with Teresa... very Kim G. of her!

In other reality news...
Project Runway Season 9 premiered on Lifetime!  It's been a long time since I followed a Project Runway season, but the concept itself is part of what inspired me to start sewing.  I really enjoy the candidates this year for the most part...  I'm absolutely rooting for the 'old man' Bert (I love a comeback!) and was really shocked by Anya's incredible sewing ability.  When she said she'd only been sewing for months, I rolled my eyes and counted her out from the beginning... until she won the first challenge with some AWESOME trousers!  Looks like a season full of surprises.  Oh, and Kathleen is annoying, but not as bad as the (thankfully cut) Amanda Perna.

I've also been watching some Ice Loves Coco, the occasional Toddlers and Tiaras episode, random My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and Say Yes to the Dress episodes, and pretty much anything on Bravo!  Yes, I am a TV addict... but it's just so much fun!


  1. I was disgusted by Joe Guidice in the last episode (and pretty much always) too! I thought it might be because I absolutely love Christmas and can't wait to make it a magical time of year for my kids, but I thought he completely ruined it (at least for me he did, hehe).

    I also can't get over him talking smack about Teresa's brother and wife. I mean, when you're married to someone, even if you don't like their family, IMO, sometimes you just have to suck it up and bite the bullet.

    What a jerk!

  2. It's a very strange contrast, if you remember the earlier seasons, where Joe was spoiling Teresa and his motto was 'Happy Wife, Happy Life'! Now I think he's been emotionally castrated by his bankruptcy/DUI/forced change of career to being a restaurant guy... as well as Teresa's financial success as an 'author'.

    Still, I'm not giving him an excuse. He is ridiculous, and he is a major reason Teresa can't make up with her brother/sister-in-law. I really have started to like Joey/Melissa!


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