Friday, August 26, 2011

Project Runway: New Balance Challenge #pr9kimberly

The toughest judge! "Klum of Doom" credit
My comments are all over the place for this episode, but in the end I felt confident in my favorites, even though they differed from the judges' choices!  (Note: my hashtag in the blog title does NOT denote winners, but my favorite look for the episode!)

Debbie Downer Cecilia quit.  Good, because watching her was like staring at a sad basset hound who wants to commit suicide... she was so depressing and not in it.  So good for her for finally quitting and allowing the designers to bring Josh C. back.  He actually did alright, and I'm glad he gets another shot to prove he can sew to fit a woman's body.

What happened, Anthony Ryan and Laura???  I know that it sucks you got stuck working with Bert, but you guys didn't pull it together and your collection was my least favorite.  And Bert's look wasn't your worst!  I actually think Anthony Ryan's look was the worst.  :(  SAD FACE!  The model had a cameltoe and wedgie!!!  I have been pulling for you Anthony Ryan!  Anthony/Laura got what they deserved because they did not treat Bert well, even though he never deserves it.

I actually think Bryce did okay, even though I felt he would be the next to go home.  Josh C.'s shirt reminded me of a pistol shoulder holder on a teeshirt, but it wasn't bad.  I didn't like Olivier's maxi skirt look.

Joshua M. treated Becky like crap, and I-can't-sew Anya took advantage of Becky like she was a sewing intern!  Becky needed to stand up for herself, but standing up to Joshua is nearly impossible.  He is a very determined, cocky person.  I'm glad that when the judges didn't like Becky's look, that Josh took some responsibility for the look on the runway.

Viktor's Team credit

Overall, I liked Viktor's team collection the best, in terms of cohesion and overall looks!  Kimberly's individual look was my favorite, but Viktor's leather jacket was something I would actually wear myself!  In the end, I felt Kimberly should win and Becky should leave.  Anthony's look was awful, but he has sewn such consistency before and I felt he had more Project Runway potential.

In the end, the judges named TWO winners, Viktor and Joshua M., and chose Anthony and Danielle as the bottom two.  Heidi was adamant that Anthony should go home, and upset that the judges keep people on the show not based on each challenge but their overall performance/potential.  I was surprised with the choice of Danielle, because I felt Becky should have gone home instead... and Danielle has ridden in the middle, churning out repetitive looks, but not the worst of the group.

I'm anxious to see if my former favorite Anthony Ryan comes back with something good in the next episode... but if not, I may become a Kimberly cheerleader from now on!

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