Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

One of my Christmas presents is working overtime lately in my kitchen.... the Lodge cast iron skillet my parents gave me!  And not only that, it's very affordable: mine was only $25 (from Target) and that was for a medium sized skillet with two handles.  These things are definitely heavy (especially when full!) so I like being able to grab both side to lift in and out of the oven.

But beware!  These things get HOT... so use a mitt or pot holder when touching the skillet.

I also love having a skillet that can soak up amazing seasoning over time, as well as go straight from stovetop to the oven.  I "clean" the skillet when it's still warm... that is, I use a little water and a brush to *lightly* wipe out the pan.  Then, for stuck-on stuff, I push kosher salt and oil into the pan and rub it in, using a cloth to lift out gunk.  Then I don't rinse.  Nope!  Keep it DIRRRRRTY.  That's what makes it so awesome.

I've made cinnamon rolls, bacon, sausages, and steaks in this skillet so far.  I find myself looking at different recipes that would work best for skillets, because I love using mine and getting it dirty and seasoned.  I can't wait make cornbread in it!

Can you hear my grass-fed local beef steaks SIZZLE?!
I'd say between my Kitchenaid mixer and chef's knife, this is one of my best kitchen additions ever.  And if the whole house burned down, well, that skillet would survive.  My Dad told me that my Grandma loved her cast iron skillet (she kept it stored in the oven all the time!) especially since it was the one pan my Grandpa couldn't destroy.  He apparently melted quite a few in his time, absent-mindedly leaving something cooking on the stove.

A few skillet recipes I can't wait to try...

What's your favorite kitchen workhorse?


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