Monday, January 7, 2013

Books Lately

Let's talk about BOOKS!  Here's a peek at what's been happening on my Goodreads lately.

Freakonomics:  I love interesting statistics stories.  That is, knowing the WHY behind things in our crazy, flawed, human world.  Despite critics, this is just fascinating to read, because it looks at things from a totally different viewpoint, more seemingly objective.  Anyways, this book is hard to explain, but if you're a nerd like me (and not overly conservative), you'll probably dig it.  I'll be picking up its sequel at some point.

Soldier's Heart: Reading Literature Through Peace and War at West Point:  I loved this book.  I've always been a reader, and seeing my alma mater, West Point, through a "civilian" viewpoint and within its humanities courses no less, I think it gives readers an inside look into the academy and what it's like to be a young person there in a time of conflict.  I just drew so many comparisons between the book and my life, I couldn't put it down.  Definitely something worth checking out if you're at all curious.

In My Father's Country:  I read this book after seeing the author on The Daily Show or some other program.  I felt like it might be an inspiring title to read, and help me understand some of our struggles in the Afghanistan conflict... but in truth, it had way too many love life details (how many soldiers will fall in love with her?) versus Afghanistan reminiscences.  I liked it when the author talked about cultural barriers and challenges, but she really lost me on some of the other things.  It wasn't what I expected; it was just okay.

The Caster Chronicles (Books 1-4):  I read these books after seeing a movie preview for the first one.  It's definitely in the same genre as Twilight... have you seen the Teen Paranormal Romance section at Barnes & Noble?  I liked these because of the setting in a small Southern town, which reminded me a lot of my time near Savannah, Georgia.  It was focused around teenagers and witchcraft, to summarize it a bit.  Quick, easy, and fairly satisfying reading.

The Mortal Instruments (Books 1-3):  I read these because they also fit into Teen Paranormal Romance, a genre I am planning to abandon soon.  I mean, the rest just aren't as good as the The Hunger Games.  This one, however, was weird.  I only read the first three books.  I had issues with the potential incest, self-mutilation, and overall lack of awesome characters.  At least Caster Chronicles had some people I grew attached to; in this series, none of the above.  Blah.  If I hadn't bought these books in a bundle on my Kindle, I'd have only read the first one before ditching.

The Giver:  I read this a few times when I was younger, but rereading it again as an adult gave me such a different perspective!  If you dig The Hunger Games, this is a quick read that you might like.  It's set in the future, in a sort of Utopian society.  Rumor has it they may be making it into a new movie, after about two decades of trying.  It could be good.

Read anything good lately?

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