Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cat Activity Center

Cally loves cat treats... but she was eating so many, she wasn't eating her food!  (I know, BAD pet parenting.)  But since she's been sleeping more than ever in her golden years, and showing less of her old playful nature, I wanted to do something to make her more active.

So I got her a Cat Activity Fun Board by Trixie.  I bought it on, where I got the best price online, but it wasn't cheap.  Still, the cats at our office love this thing, and I had high hopes Cally would too.

Cally definitely seems to be interested in this toy, which is more than I can say about any other toy we've attempted to get her interested in.  She wants her treats, so it encourages her to get them out.  I was on a business trip when she first received this toy, but Duke sent me a photo and video of her playing for me to enjoy.

She probably isn't thrilled about having to work harder for her treats, but so far she is eating her food when she is supposed to and not overdoing it on snacks!  :)  But it's hard for us to say no when an old lady kitty wants a little noms.  This way, it's a little more fun for us both.


  1. Aw, awesome, I wonder if they have anything like this for pups - except mine would just probably upturn it and then chew it to bits.

    1. You're not the first person to ask that! I looked into it, and the same company makes a Flip Board for dogs... I think it would be best for small dogs, but it's a similar concept! :)


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