Friday, January 11, 2013

eBags Packing Cubes

I travel fairly often... for business, road trips to visit my parents, and for personal vacations.  One thing I have always done well is organize my suitcase.  I know how to pack a carry-on to last a week, to roll/fold/layer to avoid wrinkles and economize space, and to meet airline weight limits.  It's a fun travel science!

I'm that girl that packs clothes that all coordinate to mix and match, and I only pack one extra outfit per trip.  I even manage with only one pair of shoes most of the time!  This article in the NY Times from a flight attendant, called "10 Days in a Carry-on" changed my life.

One recent investment I made was in some extremely lightweight packing cubes from eBags.  I purchased their value set.

I love these bags.  They weight virtually nothing and collapse completely.  I used to pack outfits in gallon Ziploc bags!  These little "cubes" are fantastic.  You can roll clothes to keep in the larger bags, use the smaller ones for underwear/socks, and even keep one just for phone and camera chargers.  It keeps everything from being completely jumbled around not only as you travel, but as you live out of your suitcase at your destination.

I even use this in my duffel bag when I drive up to visit my parents.  It makes separating clean from dirty very easy too.

Another tip?  I always make a checklist.  It helps me sleep the night before a trip.  I also keep duplicate toiletries specifically for travel: toothbrush, travel toothpaste in baggie, deodorant, etc.  I've forgotten these items too many times before trips to count, and buying them at my destination when I know I have them back at home bothers me.  So now I keep extra on hand.

Do you have any packing tips?


  1. I saw these reviewed on another blog a while back and was intrigued. I wonder how they fit odd shaped items, since I usually have to lug all kinds of toys with me on flights. I'd be interested in these if they could fit Mr Potatohead. ;)

    1. They would totally work, and they come in more sizes than I purchase! They're flexible/squishable. The only issue might be zipping them up around Mr. Potatohead himself. :) You might have to go up one size from the smallest for his round lil self.

  2. These are such a good idea - especially for trips where you have different events so you need different types of clothes. And the dirty laundry box would be so convenient!

    1. I use Burton luggage (a snowboarding brand!) and it came with a dirty laundry bag that I take EVERYWHERE. It is such a lifesaver, especially when I am living out of a suitcase during work travel. I come home and it's like a mini hamper!

      I took a look at my work travel schedule, and between now and May I'll be headed to Arkansas, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, and Tucson... These cubes will definitely come in handy.


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