Monday, January 21, 2013

January's Sponsors & Friends

I got the idea to do a photo collage to show off my sponsors and blogger friends from Katherine over at Of Corgis & Cocktails.  She chose a favorite snapshot to represent each blog/sponsor, which is a fantastic way to not only highlight but show appreciation!  :)  So for January, I had to give some credit where it is due... to the people on the right side of your browser window, my Sponsors & Friends.

1)  hey miss pickle, paris in may:part iv (versailles)  - Thank you for making me remember how much I love Versailles!

2)  Antiquarian Miss, 23 in less than 24 hours - I love the photo of Renee as a little girl.  Old photos are the best.

3)  Lindsey Catarino - Lindsey is a Beachbody coach, and her Facebook page is full of all kinds of inspiration about life in general, plus great fitness and health tips.  She's one of my BFFs in real life.

4)  Perks of Being a JAP, Penna alla Vodka - Lacey is snarky and hilarious, and her vodka sauce is the ONLY recipe I use.

5)  Of Corgis & Cocktails, The Farm Show - Um, two words: potato donut.  I think we'd be foodie friends IRL.

6)  Caroline's Day, More Forever 21 Arrivals, Again - Caroline always has the best fashion finds and deals on her blog.  She's my partner in shopping crime.

7)  Rays of Purple, Oh How Far We've Come - Tyler's love story via photographs is so sweet... and her purple wedding rings?!  Love.

8)  The Infertility Overachievers, Survival! - Aly had two little boys via IVF... then got surprise twin girls!  I love her story of motherhood, and how honest she is about raising four little ones.


  1. woohoo will definitely check them out :)

    btw, if you're interested, im hosting a giveaway for a cute clothing boutique and would love for you to join :)

    The DayLee Journal

    1. Ooh, I love your blog! I'm headed over there for the giveaway now! :)

  2. Thanks! I LIVE by that alla Vodka recipe! Now I want some... dangit.


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