Monday, January 28, 2013

American Horror Story Wrapup

American Horror Story is over again, after another riveting, scary, whirlwind of a season!  I actually think I enjoyed Asylum even more than Murder House, despite reviews saying it was too campy and all over the place.  But I want MORE, and I can't wait for another season!!!


I thought Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson were brilliant.  The characters, true to the past season, were all beautifully flawed.  It was scary, pushed the envelope, and kept me totally hooked.

Oh, and the rest of the cast was brilliant.  My beloved Zachary Quinto was creeptastic.  The shorter story arcs were awesome too, like the Anne Frank and murderous Santa.

If you like scary plot twists, this show is for you.

The only trouble I have with it?  The serial format means sometimes you're left guessing what happens afterward!  I think this season they did a much more complete job of wrapping things up.  Much of the cast is coming back for next season, which once again will be back in a completely new time and place, playing new characters.

And then there was this...


  1. I think I liked the first season better, although this one had its moments. It was just missing that...constant terror...that the first one had. Plus I could've done without the aliens, honestly.

    But Lana was a great character, and I can never get enough of either Fiennes brother.

    1. The alien arc was stupid, and Ryan Murphy said he probably won't be doing aliens again. LOL And you're right... there was so much unexplained creepy in the first season. This season was totally wrapped up, which I kind of liked, but now that I think about it, I'll always wonder if someone was able to finally live in Murder House, and what happened to the demon baby being raised by Constance.

      What creeped me out most about the first one was that the ghosts could kill you; I never thought that ghosts should have that power. Also, there were more super-crazy revelations/realizations along the way. This season was more predictable. Well, I didn't figure out Bloody Face until it was almost revealed... but I love the actor and wanted to believe it wasn't so.


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