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Friday, January 25, 2013

Geeky Travel Destinations

I'm a geek at heart... and as a result, there are a few places on my travel wishlist that have to do with some of those tendencies.

1.  Hobbiton, New Zealand.  Yes, you can visit Middle-Earth... sort of.  They've actually preserved Hobbiton, for your enjoyment and geeky squeals.  I would have to resist the urge to run around this place barefoot and pretending I'm in The Lord of the Rings.

2.  Warner Bros. (Harry Potter) Studios, England.  I wish I had a portkey to take me immediately here.  I just have to go here.  Those books and movies were an entire decade of my life.

3.  Highclere Castle and Chatsworth, England.  Downton Abbey and Pride & Prejudice.  'Nuff said.  I just want to go there and breathe the air.  And maybe pretend I live in another time period.  Don't you get goosebumps just thinking about it?


4.  Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Dubrovnik IS King's Landing from Game of Thrones.  I wonder which character I would pretend to be...  Tyrion is pretty much my all-time favorite, but my loyalties to all others are continually in flux.

5.  Warner Bros. Studio, Los Angeles, CA.  I've actually been here before, specifically to see Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.  I only got to see the mansion set, not Stars Hollow, due to filming.  I've heard they still have the town mostly intact... and if they do, I need to go there.  NEED.

Do you have a geeky dream destination?

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