Thursday, February 9, 2012

The O.C. is back! #RHOC

The original is BACK!  Okay, so the show has had more new characters than its cast has boob jobs, but still...  I only watch the OC and Jersey housewives, so I'm happy this reality guilty pleasure is airing again.

My thoughts on how the ladies are doing since the explosive reunion?

Gretchen's still with Slade, promoting all of her 'businesses', and actually seems to be playing nice with Tamra.  Gretchen used to be my favorite, then I hated her, and now I don't know.  I'm really interested to see how she does this season with the other girls.  As for Tamra, she was so out of line last season, and super evil.  She just doesn't know how to say no to a catfight.  It's good that she is trying to make amends with Gretchen, because I think they have a lot in common... probably why they hate each other.

I feel bad for Vicki... she's totally compulsive in her behaviors as she goes through this divorce and prepares to sell her house!  She's neurotic to say the least, but she's still the original OC housewife and I love her.  I wish her the best.

Alexis?  She's still the fakest of the fake.  I think she could compete with Taylor on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in terms of shadiness.  I wouldn't wear 'Alexis Couture' if you paid me to, and she was TERRIBLE in that news segment.  Must be a pretty desperate station that needed her 'celebrity' to boost ratings.  She's so bitter towards Peggy for dating her husband BEFORE she married him (WTF?) and needs to be eliminated from this cast.  She's just weird.

Peggy didn't really appear much in the episode (and isn't a main cast member anymore), but a couple of 'friends' who seem to be season cast members did pop up.  Heather seems gorgeous and like she has it all... except reality TV stardom, of course!  And she's the only brunette in the bunch!  Gretchen's friend Sarah makes an appearance too, but I don't think she has the money to be a RHOC.  She'll likely just be one of those frequent add-ons throughout filming.

Can't wait to see who gets a drink in the face next!

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